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* Royal Duelist
* Duelist Protector
* Royal Guard Lion
* Royal Guard Lion
* Royal Guard Cub
* Royal Guard Lion Cub
* Hallway Laser Turret
* Hallway Laser Turret

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3 Brothers is a Tier 10 difficulty dungeon that has a chance to drop from Godleader Meowza. It is a source of T9 and T10 equipment, the ultra-rare Quantum Reach blaster, as well as every non-elemental plane upgrade other than Cowl Lube.

The dungeon consists of a boss battle against the 3 Brothers (Boss), a hallway containing high amounts of elite versions of Moneyed Duelists and Grand Lions, and a guaranteed aircraft carrier to The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum. Additionally, player-to-player teleportation is disabled in this dungeon.

The fight against the 3 Brothers and the ensuing hallway gauntlet is currently the most difficult content in the game other than M2, which comes afterward. This means players who are lower than Rank 90 and do not have a strong enough plane will be denied access. If below Rank 90, planes must have at least 6/12 of the 5 elemental defenses upgrades applied in order to enter.




  • Duelist Protector
  • Royal Guard Lion
  • Royal Guard Lion Cub
  • Hallway Laser Turret



3 Brothers (Boss)

Drops of Interest

  • Tier 8 Equipment
  • Tier 9 Equipment
  • Tier 10 Equipment
  • Armor Stiffener Armor Stiffener.png
  • Barrel Dopant Barrel Dopant.png
  • Steam Turbocharger Steam Turbocharger.png
  • Fusion Capacitor Fusion Capacitor.png
  • Self-Repair Juice Self-Repair Juice.png
  • Quantum Reach Blaster.png