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Rebel City

Rebel City, the base of operations of the Avian rebellion, is a safe area which has no procedurally generated elements. All players begin here at the start of every play session, and every plane is equipped with an emergency teleporter which can be activated at any time to safely return the player to this location if they are still alive at the end of a 3-second delay.

The Island

The Island can be accessed from Rebel City by boarding an aircraft carrier, this procedurally generated area is a war zone within which players are tasked with taking down imposing bosses in order to liberate the region from the Feline Empire's control. Players begin in the center, within the City Ruins, and can reach more difficult regions by flying away from this origin point. The most difficult regions being Noble Estates and Imperial City.


Dungeons can appear after killing certain enemies in the world. They appear as Avian aircraft carriers which take a few seconds to appear. Once they have stopped moving, you may enter the dungeon at any time within a 30-second interval by flying into the carrier's tower. Once this time has elapsed, the carrier warps away, presumably to the appropriate dungeon.

Like world bosses and quest enemies, dungeon entrances modify the "Rally to me!" emote while the player is nearby, causing the message "At <dungeon>!" to display instead of the usual message "Rally to me!"

Dungeon drop rates are calculated per player. Therefore, if 8 people hit an enemy, the chance for a dungeon drop is 8 times as great. [Citation needed]