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| rowspan="15" |[[File:Armor T10.png|30px]]<br>M2 Armor
| rowspan="15" |[[File:Armor T10.png|30px]]<br>M2 Armor
| +25% Superspeed
| +3% Superspeed
| rowspan="15" |[[The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum]]
| rowspan="15" |[[The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum]]
| rowspan="15" |Meowza's armor is forged of metals that are unrecognizable to avian miners and scientists. It hums with strange energy.
| rowspan="15" |Meowza's armor is forged of metals that are unrecognizable to avian miners and scientists. It hums with strange energy.
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| +5% Superspeed, +10% Turn Rate
| +1% Superspeed, +10% Turn Rate

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Armor refers to 2 things in Steambirds Alliance. The first refers to your plane's maximum HP. The second refers to Armor items that can be equipped to increase your plane's maximum HP.

Your plane's Armor at level 1 with T0 gear equipped is known as its base HP. When an Armor item is equipped, the extra HP given is applied to base HP and results in a new base HP value. Base HP can be modified further by Pilot Skills, such as the Paladin's Armor Shell, which can grant up to 34% extra Armor.

Any Armor gained by leveling an aircraft, or by Armor Stiffeners is not factored into base HP. Hence if you pick a Pilot Skill that increases Armor, don't be surprised if you get less Armor than expected. Finally, remember that Armor refers to HP, and is different from Damage Reduction, which modifies incoming enemy damage. For more information, visit Stat Interactions.

Armor also has its own class of Pilot Skills, listed here.

Standard Armor

Standard Armors range from Tier 0 to Tier 10. They have no special properties other than increasing Armor with each successive tier.

Name Armor Description
Tier 0 Cloth Fuselage Constructed from cloth for lightness, not because it's cheap.
Tier 1 Armor.PNG
Alum Armor
+3 Sheets of aluminum foil make your plane look slightly prettier.
Tier 2 Armor.PNG
Tin Armor
+6 Scrappy armor made out of scrap.
Tier 3 Armor.PNG
Copper Armor
+9 Light metal armor that won't slow you down.
Tier 4 Armor.PNG
Bronze Armor
+12 The bronze age never truly died. Like our ancient saurian ancestors, it merely took to the skies
Tier 5 Armor.PNG
Iron Armor
+15 Your ship clanks and groans under its heavy armor like some medieval knight.
Tier 6 Armor.PNG
Steel Armor
+18 Bands of steel do well against projectiles.
Tier 7 Armor.PNG
Jade Armor
+21 This translucent green shell is derived from biosynthetics, not stone.
Tier 8 Armor.PNG
Black Armor
+24 The egg of a resurrected titanosaur forged into matte black sheets. Oily to the touch and nearly impenetrable.
Tier 9 Armor.PNG
Fusion Armor
+27 Nuclear ash from the Orient is fused into this durable armored shell.
Tier 10 Armor T10.png
Aussie Armor
+30 Forged in the debtor mines of the Australian Outback, this heavy metal plate is worth its weight in souls.

Elemental Armor

Elemental Armors grant some resistance to a specific elemental damage type.

All elemental Armors come in three versions corresponding with Tier 8/9/10 Standard Armor, with stat bonuses as follows:

  • Armor: +24/27/30
  • Elemental Resistance: +14/17/20% (stacks multiplicatively with elemental resistance from upgrades)
Name Element Source Description
Tesla Armor
Lightning Super Secret Base A counter field channels electricity away from sensitive components.
Storm Armor
Water Rei Cat lords wear this during parades to avoid any chance of being rained upon.
Fire Cladding
Fire Crypt of Cathulhu Imperial Priest cow the mice cultists by rising from a pit of flames. They ride animatronic war machines that look like gods.
Poison Armor
Poison The Dig Spider poison sticks and burns. It cannot cling to this special ceramic ground smooth as bone.
Ice Mirror
Ice The Vaults The owl monks hoped this would save them.

Legendary Armor

Legendary Armors give boosts to non-defensive stats in addition to Armor when worn. Incredibly rare and powerful.

Name Armor Additional Effects Source Description
Jhirin Sheerudo[1]
+27 +20% Damage The Great Leader's Command Center The talon insignia from the lost Eagle Tribe is barely visible. Shout its name and feel the power!

1. ^ Jhirin Sheerudo was formerly known as Eagle Armor.

M2 Armor

M2 Armors are similar to Legendary Armors in giving unique boosts to the player when worn.

Some provide less Armor in exchange for more powerful boosts, while others provide superior Armor but carry drawbacks. This class of Armors, as implied from their name, only drop from Godleader Meowza 2 at a low rate.

M2 Armors all possess the same name and description, so the only way to tell them apart is by looking at the stats they offer.

Name Armor Additional Effects Source Description
Armor T10.png
M2 Armor
+26 +3% Superspeed The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum Meowza's armor is forged of metals that are unrecognizable to avian miners and scientists. It hums with strange energy.
+26 +20% Range
+26 -5% Cooldown, +5% Range, +5% Rate of Fire
+27 +20 Max Steam, -50% Steam Regeneration
+30 +5% XP Gain
+30 +1% Superspeed, +10% Turn Rate
+30 +10% Range
+30 +7 Max Steam
+30 -5% Maneuver Steam Cost
+30 -5% Cooldown
+30 +10% Camera View
+30 -5% Secondary Steam Cost
+32 -15% Damage, -20% Maneuver Steam Cost
+35 -10% Superspeed
+36 -50% Armor Regeneration