Attack Area

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Attack Area
Attack Area T8.png
Used By Quad
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 40
Duration 0.5 seconds
Cooldown 3 seconds

Powers up nearby ally weapons.

Attack Area is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Attack Area releases an empowering blast with a 5-unit radius and immediately begins its cooldown. Players caught in the blast shoot double bullets from their Primary Weapon for a short duration, but have a (Multi / 2)x multiplier applied to fire rate until the buff wears off.

Players may only benefit from one multishot buff at a time (exception: the Raptor's double-bullet effect while not superspeeding stacks multiplicatively with multishot buffs, resulting in quadruple bullets). If multiple buffs are active at once, only the highest tier buff with the most duration remaining is applied.


Name Multi Buff Duration
Tier 0 Attack Area 1.3 4
Tier 1 Attack Area II 1.4 6
Tier 2 Charge Area 1.45 7
Tier 3 Charge Area II 1.5 8
Tier 4 Double Area 1.55 8.5
Tier 5 Multiply Area 1.6 9
Tier 6 Arithmetic Area 1.65 9.5
Tier 7 Maniacal Area 1.7 10
Tier 8 Megalomaniacal Area 1.75 10.5
Tier 9 Powertrip Area 1.8 11
Tier 10 Vengeance Area 1.85 11.5