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The Bandit has the following non-elemental [[Upgrades|upgrade]] limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):
The Bandit has the following non-elemental [[Upgrades|upgrade]] limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):
* '''Damage:''' 40 (+40%)
* '''Damage:''' 40 (+40%)
* '''Armor:''' 50 (+50)
* '''Armor:''' 30 (+30)
* '''Armor Self-Repair:''' 50 (+0.3/s)
* '''Armor Self-Repair:''' 50 (+0.3/s)
* '''Max Steam:''' 20 (+20)
* '''Max Steam:''' 20 (+20)

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Control Type Hovercraft
Unlock Requirement Level 20 Dagger Knight
Level 15 Hog
Starting Weapon Training Shotgun
Primary Weapons Shotgun
Secondary EMP
Maneuver Blink
Initial Stats (Base Stats)
Armor 9.2 (10)
Damage 129% (125%)
Armor Self-Repair 0.60/s
Steam Recharge 0.40/s
Turn Rate 1440°/s
Max Speed 3.0
Super Speed 6.0
Plane Multipliers
x0.9 Armor
+2.4% Armor per Level
+4% Damage per Level
x0.4 Turn Rate while superspeeding

We sanction privateers as long as they make the Empire's life worse than they make ours.

The Bandit is a class in Steambirds Alliance.


The Bandit has one maneuver, Blink, with a Steam cost of 10 --- this maneuver is activated using the Maneuver input (on keyboard, E key by default). On activation, the Bandit teleports forward 2 units relative to the plane's facing, ignoring bullets and enemies (but not terrain) between its initial and final positions.

Upgrade Limits

The Bandit has the following non-elemental upgrade limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):

  • Damage: 40 (+40%)
  • Armor: 30 (+30)
  • Armor Self-Repair: 50 (+0.3/s)
  • Max Steam: 20 (+20)
  • Steam Recharge: 50 (+0.2/s)
  • Super Speed: 25 (+1.5)

Pilot Skills

Skill Tier Pilot Rank Plane Level Option A Option B
1 21 - Sneaky Strike

Effecticon secondarydamageboost.png 2+ nearby players:

  • Secondary Damage: +25% + 1% * (L: 1-5)
Thick As Thieves

Effecticon armorboost.png 4+ nearby players:

  • Armor: +25% + 1% * (L: 1-5)
2 74 - Rapid Movement
  • Super Speed: +25% + 1% * (L: 1-5)
  • Maneuver Steam Cost: -40%
Rapid Stun
  • Secondary Cooldown: -30% - 2% * (L: 1-5)
3 105 - Stun Chain

Effecticon steamcost.png On hit (Duration: 3s stacks up to 3 times):

  • Secondary Steam Cost: -25% - 1% * (L: 1-5)
Phasers Set To Stun

Effecticon secondarydamageboost.png On kill (Duration: 2s stacks up to 2 times):

  • Secondary Damage: +30% + 2% * (L: 1-5)
  • Secondary Steam Cost: +20%
4 172 - Versatile

Machine Gun equippped:

  • Damage: +10%

On hit (Cooldown: 2s):

  • +4 armor


  • At level 1 with its T0 initial loadout, the Bandit will have Armor and Damage values of, respectively, ~9.2 and 129% due to the effects of plane and leveling multipliers.
  • The Bandit's EMP is the only Secondary that inflicts Confuse damage. Confuse damage is applied twice to enemies that are immune to the stun effect it normally inflicts (this includes, but is not limited to, most bosses).

Plane Variants

Tier 1 (Common) Variants

  • Profiteer: Worldly goods eat at our soul. We covet them, seek them and spend all our spare hours obsessing, obsessing, obsessing over their grinding, unending acquisition. What do you truly need? A ship, the sky, a merry crew of fine mates. Stuff? Stuff is a mere waste of living.
  • Rake's Mask: In the 20s, trysting ladies took to wearing silk masks steamed into the shape of exotic mammalia. Foxes, deers, the occasional marmoset. In later decades, such fasions were popularly associated with dashing thieves, especially those flaunting an erotic feminine flair.
  • Pepper's Mask: Art is not a transaction. Yes, you pay coins for a work of art. But this is but one necessary expression of gratitude and appreciation. Ideally, it is also accompanied by kind words, a gift of fine liqueur and a sense of kinship. When you treat art as just a transaction, the heart of the artist turns to stone and you, with all your silly cash, are worth nothing.
  • Hunted: The tiger is the fallen enemy of civilization. It lurks in abandoned fields, barely surviving on stray livestock. Yet the tiger remains majestic. Though it is reduced to scavenging. Though it has lost the grand arc of history.

Tier 2 (Rare) Variants

  • Marauder: In the western canyons, small bands eke out a harsh living preying on caravans. Fear the growing whine of an unseen sandbike.
  • Scallywag: Beware chipped beaks and jewel-crusted eye-patches. Do they dye those brilliant feathers? No. They pluck them from your corpse.
  • Moonlighter: When the clouds slip from the full moon, a curious shimmer floats up above the tree line. The clouds return and you shift uneasily in your bedclothes. Perhaps it was nothing.

Tier 3 (Epic) Variants

  • Ghost Pirate: A charming chap with a golden beak once bought me a drink. Months later, my livelihood ruined, I received a scented letter that chided, 'Never let a rich man buy your soul with just a dinner.'
  • The Fantasist: This plane belonged to an ex-author. Failing miserably to understand the true nature of their elite profession, they proclaimed themselves to be a writer without first securing a rich spouse, a sizable inheritance or even a minor confidence scheme. A life of crime soon followed.
  • The Ice Boy: The previous owner of this plane grew up in a quiet northern household. His nanny would shush him, sometimes clamping his beak shut, so that he would not incur the wrath of his sensitive father. When he complained he could not breath, she whispered this was still better than more bruises.
  • The Parolee: We sanction privateers as long as they make the Empire's life worse than they make ours.