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'''Blue Gradient Collection''' is a set of Epic [[Rebel City#Store|Plane Variants]].
'''Blue Gradient Collection''' is a set of Epic [[Store#Plane Variants|Plane Variants]].
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Blue Gradient Collection is a set of Epic Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Avalanche Assault Alpinists strike a one-sided deal with the mountain: tread lightly or be buried alive.
Blue Sky Medic The soldier is too far gone, so the doctor seeks to comfort: tell me a treasured memory. Summertime, childhood, lying back on a field of grass, looking up...
Corrupted Faith Old Faithful The Imperial Intelligence (an oxymoron at heart) would gift these to would-be Rebels. We lost so many before we figured out where they hid the tracking devices.
The Goodly Aesthetic Hog When you can purchase or sell status, you demonstrate the true values inherent to capitalistic society: The ultimate worth of an individual depends entirely on whether or not they are rich. Such seductively reductive systems devalue us all.
Shield Wench Shieldmaiden There's a certain type of mechanic who enjoys working on Shieldmaiden rigs. Often a bit gruff, but with a kind heart. The sort that understands, even if society doesn't.
Ice Hawk Raptor Winter birds of prey must be miserly with their energy. A caloric fortune spent is on simply maintaining their temperature. There's none to waste on a failed strike.
Ornithopter Quad An esoteric engine system that lift with a flapping motion rather than typical spinning props. Too expensive and high-maintenance for large scale production.
The Sympathizer Duster She slid the food under the cell door. The poison worked more slowly than expected.
Iron Gregory Paladin They say Iron [Gregory] once sliced through 30 feline ships [with] a single swing of his plasma chainsaw. They say a lot of things about Iron Gregory.
Emrys III Merlin This highly experimental class uses a miniaturized teleportation apparatus to pop about the combat zone. The egghead pilots are derisively known as wizkids.
Master Drafter Engineer Engineering builds off stable foundations: tried and true solutions passed down through crafthouses for generations. Who drew out these meticulous original blueprints? Rendered with a hand so steady it might as well been a machine.
The Fantasist Bandit This plane belonged to an ex-author. Failing miserably to understand the true nature of their elite profession, they proclaimed themselves to be a writer without first securing a rich spouse, a sizable inheritance or even a minor confidence scheme. A life of crime soon followed.
The Companion Dagger Knight 'We are in this together,' she said, as she retied the bandage on the stump of her leg.
Lover Siege Tank No one speaks of love stories. The frantic warning. The escape in the night. The arithmetic of one more life jacket, one more minute, one more eternity. Know this: The fire burns. Long after hope has died.