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*[[Godleader Meowza]] ([[The Great Leader's Command Center]])
*[[Godleader Meowza]] ([[The Great Leader's Command Center]])
*[[3 Brothers]] ([[3 Brothers]])
*[[Godleader Meowza 2]] ([[The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum]])

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When an island is spawned, it comes with a considerable amount of setpiece bosses, each in a corresponding setpiece (a fixed shape part of the map, shows as a red square in the minimap). If all of the high-level setpiece bosses are killed, everyone who was on the island gets sent to the final boss, who is as deadly as she is rewarding. Bosses weaker than Doctor Octo are not needed to close the realm, and will actually respawn if nobody is around the setpiece area for around 10 minutes. Also, killing high-level setpiece gives a chance to spawn a random event boss.

Island Bosses


High-level Setpiece



Dungeon Bosses