Buried Guardian

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Buried Guardian
Type Dungeon Boss
Location The Dig
Level (Tier) 20 (10)
HP 47,250
XP 12,788
Element None
Misc Notes
Immune to Confuse Effect
+25% Camera View within 25 units

The Buried Guardian is a Tier 10 Dungeon Boss found within The Dig.


Warning icon.png Notes on Drops: Warning icon.png
  • Percentages aren't always exact. Some are based on patterns. Some are even just estimates.
  • Values shown are "chance for this item to drop on any given kill" with one exception:
    • Where "one of many" can drop (e.g. T10s, ELEM weapons), they all show the total chance that any of them will drop.
Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Drop Chance
Heat Reflector.png
Heat Reflector
1 Upgrade ?
Research Dept Formula.png
Research Dept Formula
1 Upgrade ?
Vault gem.png
Vault Gem
1 Gem ?
Ancient Fossil 1 Ingredient 100%


  • The Buried Guardian fires at the Drill until it or the Drill dies.
  • It will occasionally charge-up and fire a large radial wave of bullets, capable of dealing massive damage.
  • The lasers at the side of the Buried Guardian deal 92 damage per hit, instantly killing any plane without damage reduction or Armor-boosting Pilot Skills.
  • Repair drones are enclosed within destructible blocks on both sides of the boss room.