Checkerboard Stripe Collection

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Checkerboard Stripe Collection is a set of Epic Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Rusty Spear Assault Farmers dig up long buried weapons from their fields once there's nothing to do but fight.
Bloodletter Medic Come, get your humours in balance! Fever, apoplexy, headache? Acne, asthma, convulsions, gout? Indigestion, insanity, leprosy, stroke? There's nothing the sanguinary arts cannot cure. To the barber with you!
Highest Calling Old Faithful The napalm missed most of their body. That's what the doctor said. They could still fly. They could still fight. They must have been spared. For some purpose. That the rest of their family had not shared.
The Ancient Red Hog All of the intelligent species have a creation myth involving crimson water. In both the Aves and Mammalia archeo-cultural branches, recorded narratives tell of heroes drawn into the ruby depths, usually by black cords or tentacles. And they emerge filled with light.
Shield Empress Shieldmaiden The Bright Lady of the Sky. All rally to the charging Empress as she boosts the armor of those who follow her into the fray.
Bird of Paradise Raptor In an ecosystem full of food and devoid of predators, competition for mates intensifies. Prance and preen! Your lineage relies on it.
Coward's Lament Quad He built this plane piece by piece, using the work as an excuse to avoid enlisting. A finely-tuned fighting machine and the pilot too terrified to fly it.
Daddy-O Duster As his plane fell, he thought of his unborn child.
Pretty John Paladin The ever [yearning Lord] ordered his lone servant to polish [his shoes] to an impeccable shine. Tonight, he [goes] out. On the town.
Missing Symbol Merlin Our research is being quietly corrupted. Something reaches through walls and changes key letters and phrases in our papers. They do not want us to know.
Philosopher's Epicyclic Engineer A cogger myth tells of a gearing assemblage that predicts the future with unerring accuracy. Stars, moons, people crunched into numbers by a perfect, diabolical machine.
The Parolee Bandit We sanction privateers as long as they make the Empire's life worse than they make ours.
Vanguard Dagger Knight Commissioned as a forward craft for officers and nobles, the DK-1 was designed to inspire the troops with heroic, close-range assaults. Later models added the now-standard shield for increased survivability.
Ice Storm Siege Tank Ice storm of '19 cut off a group of mechanics on a remote base. Food was running low, so to keep spirits up, they held a little plane painting contest. The group pledged, if they were rescued, to never reveal the fate of the loser. Winner winner got a chicken dinner.