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|style="vertical-align:top"|'''Steamed Goggles'''
|style="vertical-align:top"|'''Steamed Goggles'''
* Secondary Steam Cost: -15%
* Secondary Steam Cost: -15%
Armor below 30%
Armor below 30%:
*Camera View: -30%
*Camera View: -30%

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Dagger Knight
Control Type Hovercraft
Unlock Requirement Level 15 Shieldmaiden
Starting Weapon Training Sniper
Primary Weapons Sniper
Secondary Shield Blast
Maneuver Invincible Dash
Initial Stats (Base Stats)
Armor 8.2 (10)
Damage 85% (100%)
Armor Self-Repair 0.6/s
Steam Recharge 0.4/s
Turn Rate 1440°/s
Max Speed 3.0
Super Speed 6.0
Plane Multipliers
x0.82 Damage
+4% Damage per Level
x0.8 Range
x0.8 Armor
+2.4% Armor per Level
x0.4 Turn Rate while superspeeding

Commissioned as a vanguard craft for officers and nobles, the DK-1 was designed to inspire the troops with heroic, close-range assaults. Later models added the now-standard shield for increased survivability.

The Dagger Knight is a class in Steambirds Alliance.


The Dagger Knight has one maneuver, Invincible Dash, with a Steam cost of 18. On activation, the Dagger Knight rushes forward a set distance relative to the plane's facing, granting itself an invincibility shield for the maneuver's 0.13-second duration.

Upgrade Limits

The Dagger Knight has the following non-elemental upgrade limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):

  • Damage: 40 (+40%)
  • Armor: 30 (+30)
  • Armor Self-Repair: 30 (+0.36/s)
  • Max Steam: 10 (+10)
  • Steam Recharge: 40 (+0.16/s)
  • Super Speed: 25 (+1.5)

Pilot Skills

Skill Tier Pilot Rank Option A Option B
1 13 Sharp Blade
  • Damage: +8% + 2% (+16% at max)
Knife Skills

Effecticon damageboost.png On kill:

  • Damage: +24% + 4% (+40% at max)
  • Duration: 2s
  • Cooldown: 3s
2 35 Laser Adept

Laser equipped:

  • Damage: +20%
Wasp Adept

Wasp equipped:

  • Damage: +40%
  • Max Steam: -40%
3 69 Hyper Focus

Effecticon damageboost.png While superspeeding:

  • Damage: +34% + 4% (+50% at max)
  • Camera View: -15%
Tunnel Vision

Effecticon damageboost.png On kill:

  • Damage: +22% + 2% (+30% at max)
  • Damage Received: -5%
  • Camera View: -15%
  • Duration: 2s
  • Stacks up to 3 times
4 119 Death Frenzy

Effecticon speedgun.png On kill:

  • Cooldown: -12% -2% (+20% at max)
  • Duration: 2s
  • Stacks up to 2 times
Steamed Goggles
  • Secondary Steam Cost: -15%

Armor below 30%:

  • Camera View: -30%


  • At level 1 with its T0 initial loadout, the Dagger Knight will have Armor and Damage values of, respectively, ~8.2 and ~85% due to the effects of plane and leveling multipliers.

Plane Variants

Tier 1 (Common) Variants

  • Fire Knight: Her son wanted to be a fighter pilot. So she did everything to support him. Extra shifts to buy his uniforms. Leaving good jobs so he could be near the school and then the base. When his empty casket came back, she could only blame herself.
  • Shark Knight: The loner tells himself self-inflicted lies. That he is better off alone. That others are threats. These are a defense mechanism. The truth is that others would welcome and love him if he would simply stop acting like a solitary shark, all teeth and selfish hunger.
  • Star Knight: When the champion was asked by a child how he became so grand, he knelt down and whispered the following secrets: 'First, I observe my failures. And note the ineffective patterns. Then I change those patterns. And always (this is the most important part), I try to be kind to others. Because we are all on the same journey of learning.'
  • Tigon: While Imperial breeding priests bestows their highest honors upon monstrous Lion-tiger hybrids, they look down upon the smaller tigons. The shameful offspring of a male tiger and a female lion coupling are culled at birth when possible.

Tier 2 (Rare) Variants

  • Revel Knight: Come harvest time, we shroud our mecha with black, white and orange crepe and stand at attention in the town squares. Revelers dance with abandon, celebrating the abundance of summer and welcoming the ghostly dead of winter.
  • The Good Citizen: How might we attain happiness? 1. Build your community. 2. Support others in times of need. 3. Invest your love in a few good friends. 4. Improve yourself.
  • Mud Knight: He grew up poor. A mud covered boy in world of want, muck and misery. This is all he knows. To ask more of him is like asking mud to dream.

Tier 3 (Epic) Variants

  • Ghost Blade: All the girls at the convent loved her flashing black eyes and thighs of rippled steel.
  • The Companion: 'We are in this together,' she said, as she retied the bandage on the stump of her leg.
  • Winter Song: There's a charming dirge about songbirds overwintering in the snowy pines. For warmth, they'd huddle together in fluffed up balls. Never realizing that clever raccoons with their devil paws were slowly climbing up from below. Poof! Feathers everywhere. One less song birds. A tune often sung at funerals.
  • Vanguard: Commissioned as a forward craft for officers and nobles, the DK-1 was designed to inspire the troops with heroic, close-range assaults. Later models added the now-standard shield for increased survivability.