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Used By Bandit
Effect Type Bullet
Steam Cost 20
Duration 4 seconds
Cooldown 5-4 seconds

EMP is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, EMP fires a large piercing bullet in the targeted direction, then immediately begins its cooldown. The bullet lasts for 3 seconds before expiring, dealing 1 Physical damage and a large amount of Confuse damage to enemies it hits. Enemies without stun immunity are inflicted with Confuse stun at 100% potency --- meaning they are completely immobilized and prevented from firing bullets for a set duration (however, they can still spawn minions and shoot non-bullet projectiles). Enemies with stun immunity are critically hit for 3x the amount of Confuse damage.

EMP is one of four secondary abilities affected by Damage multiplier (the other three being Bite, Acid Cloud and Propeller Blast); however, despite firing bullets, it is not affected by bullet-multiplying effects because it is not a Primary Weapon.


Name Confuse Damage Cooldown Confuse Duration Description
Tier 0 Training EMP 4 5.0 4 Pirates tend to claim they only carry this wildly illegal EMP in case of pirate attacks.
Tier 1 Baby EMP 8 4.9 4.2 This wee little thing? Nothing illegal here.
Tier 2 Salvaged EMP 16 4.8 4.4 Once part of a fusion testing site. Now put to more exciting uses.
Tier 3 Dropenstoppe EMP 24 4.7 4.6 Please don't run. We are a friendly salvage crew.
Tier 4 Gettawae EMP 32 4.6 4.7 Who likes being chased?
Tier 5 Piratical EMP 40 4.5 4.9 Yarr! And yer boots too!
Tier 6 Captain Jack's EMP 48 4.4 5 Love ya. Let's play hooky.
Tier 7 Duke's EMP 56 4.3 5.1 The best way to ensure you have an audience is by making sure they can't run.
Tier 8 Pepper's Old EMP 64 4.2 5.2 Never steal from Pepper. She likes to burn things.
Tier 9 Sergeant EMP 72 4.1 5.3 Deserters never get too far.
Tier 10 Dirty EMP 80 4 5.4 Sure, every time you press fire you irradiate a square kilometer for 500 years. But so obviously worth it.