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'''Ghost Collection''' is a set of Epic [[Rebel City#Store|Plane Variants]].
'''Ghost Collection''' is a set of Epic [[Store#Plane Variants|Plane Variants]].
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Ghost Collection is a set of Epic Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Ghost Assault Assault Though many of their arts relied on silence, the nuns of St. Avem knew of a forbidden chant. When executed at exactly the correct frequency, autopsies revealed brains turned black with terror.
Ghost Medic Medic The remnants of a dead religious order. They heal the unenlightened as a penance. Penance for betrayal of their mistress during her time of greatest need.
Faithful Ghost Old Faithful When the Lady burned, one last plane circled her pyre until the end. The only sounds captured on the Order's radio were choked, incoherent cries.
Ghost Hog Hog The Order of St. Avem trained their nuns in the forbidden arts of politics, seduction and assassination. After the purge, only their Ghosts remained.
Ghost Maiden Shieldmaiden Beside every throne is a shadow, cast aside due blood and betrayal. She trains each night and builds her quiet alliances with the cult of Avem. Knowing that one day, her kin will need her. And she will ask for her due.
Ghost Hawk Raptor That flickering motion in the corner of your eye? It is too late for you. It was always too late.
Ghost Quad Quad Silence falls across the sky as a lone quadcopter emerges from the clouds. Necks crane. Heartbeats slow. The ghosts have arrived.
Ghost Duster Duster Before she joined the Order, she was a drunken mechanic. Trapped in a wheelchair due to that horrible accident involving a coffin, 3-tons of freshly harvested sweet potatoes and an amorous parrot.
Ghost Paladin Paladin There are always those who seek out religion after traveling a rougher path. For such souls, repentance is, by necessity, an ongoing act.
Ghost Mage Merlin In the final massacre, as the screws twisted and screams rang throughout the tunnels, one elder was missing.
Ghost Engineer Engineer Though they have no tongue and one cuffed foot is (by tradition) welded to the hangar floor, they excel at repairing the Order's clockwork masterpieces.
Ghost Pirate Bandit A charming chap with a golden beak once bought me a drink. Months later, my livelihood ruined, I received a scented letter that chided, 'Never let a rich man buy your soul with just a dinner.'
Ghost Blade Dagger Knight All the girls at the convent loved her flashing black eyes and thighs of rippled steel.
Ghost Ram Siege Tank After the betrayal, a squadron of the Order's siege tanks found themselves hiding at a small mountain monastery. Draining more than their fair share of the monks' ale supply, the pilots became convinced that the judgmental mountain goats were clearly their spirit animals.