Godleader Meowza 2

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Godleader Meowza 2
Type Dungeon Boss
Location The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum
Level (Tier) 20 (10)
HP 630,000
XP 40,000
Element None
Misc Notes
Immune to Confuse Effect
+25% Camera View within 24 units

Meowza 2.png

"My dead generals are so, so eager to meet you again..!"

Godleader Meowza 2 is a Tier 10 dungeon boss found in The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum.

The Battle

Godleader Meowza 2 is an insanely difficult boss fight, that requires focus as the fight is very punishing. Her unnamed wall mines can do high damage if you're not careful with your movement, and Meowza can catch you off guard with high damaging attacks, all of which, pierce.

For most of the fight, Godleader Meowza 2 will be vulnerable, only going invulnerable when switching to different phases.

Prologue Phase

Godleader Meowza 2 starts off by spawning in the middle of the arena invulnerable. She will begin her monologue which lasts for about a minute before starting the fight. Meowza will then spawn several Meowzaghasts from behind her, which will chase down the nearest player and will each fire a very large bullet in front of it every second, doing a moderate amount of damage. The Meowzaghasts are not required to kill to progress the battle, and Meowza will proceed to Phase 1 in approximately 20 seconds after she summons her Meowzaghasts.

Phase 1

Phase 1 involves these attacks in the following order: Grid Attack, Forks and Fireballs, Giant Ice Spheres

(Grid Attack) Meowza 2 will go vulnerable upon entering Phase 1 and have an incredibly massive bullet aura around herself, damaging players every few seconds doing a moderate amount of damage, while slowly following the nearest player. The wall turrets will also start firing medium-sized bullets in a straight line, alternating with other walls of turrets, and synchronizing with other turrets, creating a grid-like structure of bullets that overlap and continue, doing a moderate amount of damage.

(Forks and Fireballs) Next, Meowza 2 will quickly chase the nearest player and fire 5 lines of protruding bullets that extend across the arena and do a moderate amount of damage, repeating this attack 3 times. The attack is similar to the shape of a cat's claws. Meowza 2 will then stand in place, and blast a fireball with many revolving fiery bullets to the closest player, repeating this blast 3 times. Each small firey bullet does a small amount of damage.

(Giant Ice Spheres) For the last attack in phase 1, Meowza 2 will still stand in place, and spawn very large icey bullets that momentarily freeze a player in place, doing a moderate amount of damage. The massive ice bullets are telegraphed by tinted red warning areas for a second before they spawn in.

Meowza will then return to her original attack and loop the phase until she is damaged to 66% of her health.

Transitional Phase

The transitional phase is a set of attacks Meowza 2 unleashes 2 times during the fight: Once when she is damaged to 66% health, and another when she is damaged to 33% health. In phase 3, the transitional phase is part of her cycle of attacks. It involves these attacks: Nukes, Laser Beam, Ghast Grid

(Nukes + Laser Beam) The nuke attack is telegraphed by Meowza 2 retreating to the center of the room and raising her invulnerability shield. After a brief moment, 2 sets of nukes will drop all across the arena, 1 after the other, dealing extreme amounts of damage that may instakill players caught in the blast radius. Warning areas will appear for about 1-2 seconds before the nukes fall onto them, and there will be small gaps of safe spots that are not highlighted by these warnings that players should retreat to. Immediately after this attack, Meowza 2 will attempt to charge and aim her signature laser beam attack, similar to Meowza 1, onto the nearest player. A warning strip will be highlighted to indicate where she is going to fire, and once fired, the laser beam either travels clockwise or counter-clockwise. The laser beam deals moderate damage at a very fast pace, and inflicts strong burn damage.

(Ghast Grid) After this attack, Meowza 2 will spawn several ghasts, albeit not as many as her first ghast phase, before activating the same grid attack with her wall mines as seen in phase 1. She will still follow the closest player with her massive bullet aura that activates when planes get into the radius.

Phase 2

As part of Phase 2, Meowza will introduce a new slew of devastating attacks that replaces most of her attacks in phase 1. Phase 2 consists of these phases in the following order: Aimed Lasers, Rotating Electricity and the Grid Attack, before cycling them again. Phase 2 starts after the Ghast Grid attack

(Aimed Lasers) Following the Ghast Grid attack, Meowza 2 will quickly chase the nearest player with a small damaging aura under her. 8 glowing orbs of energy will spawn in a tight circular pattern around the arena, taking about 2 seconds to aim their laser at the closest player. The lasers will deal low to moderate damage but at a fast pace. Warning strips will also be generated to telegraph where each orb aims its laser. Furthermore, the wall turrets will continue to fire moderate-damage bullets, but they fire more erratically and randomly, effectively spraying the arena with numerous bullets without the grid-like pattern. After about 6 seconds of the orbs firing their lasers, another set of orbs placed in a wider circular pattern around the arena will begin to take aim of their laser at the nearest player, firing immediately as soon as the first set of orbs' lasers have been dissipated. The orbs cycle with this attack 4 times, alternating between a tight circle and a wider circle.

(Rotating Electricity) During the final aimed laser attack by the orbs, Meowza 2 will retreat to the center to telegraph the next attack which occurs as soon as the orb laser attack stops. Upon the orbs of energy expiring, 4 electrical mines spawn near each corner of the arena, which will constantly fire 6 electrical bolts that deal low damage but at a fast rate. The top and bottom electrical mines will fire these bolts clockwise, while the electrical mines by the side fire them counter-clockwise. It should also be noted that the wall turrets will still be firing erratically, and will not stop this pattern until this attack ends.

After this attack, depending on whether the group has damaged Meowza 2 sufficiently to push her to the next phase (which is about 33% of her health), Meowza 2 may either execute her grid attack or her transitional phase attack.

(Grid Attack) After the electrical mines dissipate, the same grid attack from phase 1 will occur, and the cycle of Phase 2 attacks repeat itself until she is damaged sufficiently.

Transitional Phase

Meowza 2's second transitional phase is similar to her first transitional phase (ie. Nukes, Laser Beam, Ghast Grid), but with a slight difference to the Ghast Grid attack.

(Ghast Grid II) Meowza 2 summons her Meowzaghasts as usual after her laser beam attack, however the wall turrets fire very differently. Instead of firing alternating patterns of bullets, the wall turrets now fire at a 45-degree offset angle, and their firing pattern alternates between walls of turrets. Meaning to say, one wall of turrets will fire at the same time, followed by another wall of turrets. This effectively creates a wall of bullets, which can be dodged through the very edge of the wall of bullets, or maneuevered through. Grid Attack II follows this same pattern of firing.

Phase 3

Meowza 2's final battle phase and arguably introduces the most brutalising and unforgiving attacks in the fight. Phase 3 consists of the following attacks: Purple Stars, 4 Lasers, 2 Lasers, Transitional Phase.

(Purple Stars) After the Ghast Grid II attack, Meowza 2 chases after the nearest player with a small damaging aura under her. Trails of warning areas tinted purple will begin to appear, telegraphing where the purple stars and their bullets will form. When the purple stars do form, they leave behind a trail of purple bullets that each deal a moderate amount of damage. The stars act like entities, and will attempt to curve around the arena as much as possible while attempting to intersect the players' paths or surround them with their trail of bullets.

(4 Lasers) Once the purple stars dissipate, 4 glowing orbs of energy will appear near the center of the arena and circle clockwise extremely fast. Tinted red warning areas will appear to telegraph where the orbs will start firing their first bullets. After a few seconds, the orbs will fire 2 sets of laser bullets, with each bullet dealing minor damage. The first set of laser bullets is fired towards the center of the arena, and they travel at a fast speeds. The second set of laser bullets is fired outwards from the center, and travel at a slower speed than the first set of laser bullets. Meowza 2 will also be continuing to chase the nearest player while having a small damaging aura under her.

(2 Lasers) Immediately after the 4 orbs of energy dissipate, 2 orbs of energy form at the side of the arena. Similar to the first 4 orbs of energy, each orb fires 2 sets of laser bullets, where one set travels faster than the other. However, the orbs of energy are stationary while firing, and they will fire their laser bullets in a clockwise direction (left orb) and counter-clockwise direction (right orb). Meowza 2 will still be chasing the nearest player with a small damaging aura under her.

(Transitional Phase) Upon the 2 orbs of energy expiring, like the transitional phase she executes when progressing from phase 2 to 3, she will execute her nuke attack, laser attack and Ghast Grid II and repeat the cycle of Phase 3 attacks until death.

Death Phase

After Meowza 2 reaches 0% health, she ceases all attacks and remains stationary as her battle suit malfunctions. Due to her malfunctioning mech suit, her remaining supply of Meowzaghasts break free. Similar to her Prologue Phase, Meowza 2 summons a swarm of Meowzaghasts, albeit about 2x more massive than the prologue phase.

Meowza 2 will take 20 seconds after her ghasts spawn before proclaiming that you cannot kill what is already dead, and a further 5 seconds before her mech suit is finally destroyed. Once her mech suit is destroyed, all remaining Meowzaghasts will self-destruct. As such, her death phase is more of a final survival phase before achieving victory.

Warning icon.png Notes on Drops: Warning icon.png
  • Percentages aren't always exact. Some are based on patterns. Some are even just estimates.
  • Values shown are "chance for this item to drop on any given kill" with one exception:
    • Where "one of many" can drop (e.g. T10s, ELEM weapons), they all show the total chance that any of them will drop.
Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Drop Chance
Armor Stiffener.png
Armor Stiffener
1-2 Upgrade
Barrel Dopant.png
Barrel Dopant
1-2 Upgrade
Self-Repair Juice.png
Self-Repair Juice
1-2 Upgrade
Fusion Capacitor.png
Fusion Capacitor
1-2 Upgrade
Tier 10 Equipment 1 Tiered
M2 Armor
1 Tiered
Void Prism