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'''Hazard Stripe Collection''' is a set of Rare [[Rebel City#Store|Plane Variants]].
'''Hazard Stripe Collection''' is a set of Rare [[Store#Plane Variants|Plane Variants]].
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Hazard Stripe Collection is a set of Rare Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Yewnoda Drill Assault The whole Rebel-thing doesn't pay, so many have scavengers jobs on the side. This Mining Assault can burrow deep into the dangerous layers of ruins.
Speed Medic Medic A doctor flies a fine line when they dabble in their own medicine. There are fixes that give a bird confidence, agility, a sense of speed. The risks seem worth the greater good; the self treatment justified.
Angel of Faith Old Faithful The new shiny military upgrade to the Old Faithful airframe. Retooled for production in our remaining factories.
Boar Hog An immense hulk composed mostly of armor and field generators. Shrugs off bullets as it barrels straight into the crossfire.
Shieldprincess Shieldmaiden This rig, she glows. Back when only the old-lines kept up their mecha, the Shieldprincess was passed down from mother to daughter. Those ceremonies died with the Empire.
Great Eagle Raptor The old v1 prototype. It rattled as it flew and made a godawful noise, but it proved the design was sound. The rough sketch that was refined into today's mass-produced Raptor.
Power Quad Quad Beefed up engines produced an intense thrumming that causes beaks to vibrate. Originally favored by unlicensed racers, chop ships still make 'em if you can find the parts.
TheSeventyFour Duster Back in 74, 'Essy' Dunderforth spotted Imperial contrails arrowing in on the nearby town. Her modded crop duster plus some truly raucous whooping convinced them they'd made a horrible mistake. 45 kills, 0 losses.
Bunyan Paladin When the fire's gone and the whiskey's half gone, they whisper tales. Once there was a bird, as tall as a mountain. And his trusty blue fox.
X54 Merlin [REDACTED] used the mechanism in the failed fulcrum point assassination June 5th, 18XX. Wreckage analysis suggests extra-historical origin.
Cogger Engineer The Docks used a thousand different types of gears. Small brass ones, immense stone ones. A vast whirling steam ecosystem, turning, driving, breaking and building. The coggers loved them all. One day, they will rebuild them.
Scallywag Bandit Beware chipped beaks and jewel-crusted eye-patches. Do they dye those brilliant feathers? No. They pluck them from your corpse.
The Good Citizen Dagger Knight How might we attain happiness? 1. Build your community. 2. Support others in times of need. 3. Invest your love in a few good friends. 4. Improve yourself.
Bird Lust Siege Tank Known for their dyed plumage and eroticized shoe collections, the ladies and bois of the famed Artillery Wenches always make an entrance.