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|subtype = Crafted
|subtype = Crafted
|variant = 3
|variant = 3
|source = Crafting (2 Purple Steel)
|source = [[Crafting#Lasers|Crafting]]
|fusion = Purple Steel
|fusion = Purple Steel

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Jhirin Kousen
Type Crafted Laser
Variant Count 3
Source Crafting
Fusion Material Purple Steel

Jhirin Kousen is a Crafted Weapon.

T10 Stats

T8 and T9 variants have, respectively, 80% and 90% of the T10 variant's damage values.

Shots Physical RoF Range Sync Offset (sec) Ammo (Threshold) Cooldown Description
1 27 12 0.2 0 12 (13) 1 Fires lunar rays. But that is just marketing speak.
1 27 12 0.2 1 12 (13) 1
  • Both firing patterns are condensed into a single Gun Mount group in the weapon's in-game tooltip.


  • Jhirin Kousen continuously cycles through two firing patterns while the Fire input is held down, starting the second firing pattern at a specific time offset relative to the start of the first firing pattern. The initial press of the Fire input always reloads and fires the first firing pattern.
    • Both firing patterns shoot piercing bullets from fixed positions located on imaginary circles offset a considerable distance from the wielder. The first firing pattern cycles counter-clockwise and is biased toward the left side; the second firing pattern has the opposite cycle direction and bias.
  • The ammo gauge beneath the player only tracks the status of the first firing pattern.
    Jhirin Kousen.gif
  • Switching to another weapon while in the middle of firing Jhirin Kousen, due to the nature of anti-exploit mechanics, forces the player to wait out the SPEC weapon's normally-trivial cooldown before the new weapon can be fired.
  • Ammo, Cooldown and RoF modifiers can cause Jhirin Kousen's firing patterns to overlap.
    • Increasing Ammo and reducing RoF tend to increase overlap of adjacent firing patterns.
    • Reducing Cooldown tends to increase overlap of early firing patterns with late firing patterns of a previous cycle.


  • Jhirin Kousen's unusual fixed-offset firing patterns make it very difficult to use effectively compared to standard Lasers, especially while using Planes rather than Hovercraft.
  • Compared to Phase Ray (T10 Laser), T10 Jhirin Kousen fires 25% fewer bullets per second (12/s versus T10 Laser's 16/s across all Gun Mounts), benefits less from RoF increases alone due to its time-offset mechanics, and has a much smaller area of effect (caused by both smaller bullets and drastically slower bullet speed). However, its bullets pierce through enemies and obstacles, and the SPEC weapon's reliance on offset makes it a relatively Range-agnostic weapon.
    • Without Upgrades, T10 Jhirin Kousen's optimal damage output is ~41% greater than that of Phase Ray.
    • With maxed elemental damage upgrades, T10 Jhirin Kousen's optimal damage output is ~25% greater than that of Phase Ray.