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Type Island Boss
Location The Island
Level (Tier) 16 (8)
HP 42,000
XP 10,489
Element None
Misc Notes
Immune to Confuse Effect
+25% Camera View within 25 units

Portrait Lobbyist.png

"Time for my presentation. Please, back away!"

The Lobbyist is a T8 Island boss located in Noble Estates.

The Battle

The Lobbyist is a mostly immobile boss that utilizes the bullet patterns of its invulnerable Spin Doctors, swarms of Mechanical Shills, and its own bullet barrages to deter players from staying close enough to damage it. Its invulnerability periods simply flicker on and off without any correlation to its minions, staying vulnerable for a very brief period of time.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is made up of a few possible parts, which it alternates from in no particular fashion. Depending on the state of the servers, some of these may even occur simultaneously, which can make the fight quite chaotic. During these phases, The Lobbyist still spawns Mechanical Shills which slowly move towards players and fire relatively small bullets that do moderate damage.

Possibility A

The Lobbyist orders its Spin Doctors to form a ring with a radius approximately equal to the distance of the closest person from the boss. The doctors fire continuous bullet barrages, radial shotguns, or both at the same time, doing high amounts of damage.

Possibility B

The Lobbyist orders its Spin Doctors to move inwards into The Lobbyist and move outwards again while firing a continuous stream of bullets in a slanted pattern. It's best to tank 1-2 bullets trying to leave the cage that the bullets form instead of accidentally grazing the resulting line of bullets and sustaining major damage.

Possibility C

The Lobbyist spawns two extra clones of itself designed to confuse players and body-block for the real Lobbyist for a period of time. Having the "Free X from Imperial Control" quest active could come in handy here, as it shows the real Lobbyist with 100% accuracy, allowing players to continue to do damage to the correct Lobbyist in this possible subphase.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, The Lobbyist simply does phase 1A and rotates slowly to face the approximate location of the closest player while unleashing a three-way, 3-wide, radial shotgun of bullets that cause very high damage to those caught in it. Ironically, the safest place to be during this phase is sitting directly in front of The Lobbyist's eye. The radial shotguns never shoot out of its eye, the Spin Doctors are never able to shoot into the aforementioned area, and the position of its eye is easily identifiable in-game. The only thing left to worry about there are the Mechanical Shills and their small bullets, which can be destroyed quickly with sufficient DPS.

The Loot

Warning icon.png Notes on Drops: Warning icon.png
  • Percentages aren't always exact. Some are based on patterns. Some are even just estimates.
  • Values shown are "chance for this item to drop on any given kill" with one exception:
    • Where "one of many" can drop (e.g. T10s, ELEM weapons), they all show the total chance that any of them will drop.
Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Drop Chance
Heavy Caulk.png
Heavy Caulk
1-2 Upgrade ?
Tier 8 Equipment 1 Tiered ?
Tier 9 Equipment 1 Tiered 5%
Wasp Sniper
1 SPEC 0.33%
Slaver Gear 3 Ingredient 100%