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The Medic has the following non-elemental [[Upgrades|upgrade]] limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):
The Medic has the following non-elemental [[Upgrades|upgrade]] limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):
* '''Damage:''' 40 (+40%)
* '''Damage:''' 40 (+40%)
* '''Armor:''' 25 (+25)
* '''Armor:''' 26 (+26)
* '''Armor Self-Repair:''' 60 (+0.36/s)
* '''Armor Self-Repair:''' 60 (+0.36/s)
* '''Max Steam:''' 15 (+15)
* '''Max Steam:''' 15 (+15)

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Control Type Plane
Unlock Requirement Level 5 Old Faithful
Starting Weapon Trivial Blaster
Primary Weapons Blaster, Wasp
Secondary Heal Aura
Maneuver Flip 180°
Initial Stats (Base Stats)
Armor 13.8 (15)
Damage 104% (100%)
Armor Self-Repair 0.6/s
Steam Recharge 0.8/s (0.4/s)
Turn Rate 180°/s
Max Speed 2.5
Super Speed 5.0
Plane Multipliers
x0.9 Armor
+2.4% Armor per Level
+4% Damage per Level
+100% Steam Recharge
+33.3% Turn Rate while superspeeding

In the brute hell of a modern war, no pilot is more valued than the war medic. An aerial repair means the difference between narrow victory and fiery failure

The Medic is a class in Steambirds Alliance.


The Medic has one maneuver, Flip 180°, with a Steam cost of 3 --- this maneuver is activated using the Maneuver input (for keyboard, S key by default). On activation, the Medic quickly turns around in place (presumably by tilting its rudder all the way to one side).

Upgrade Limits

The Medic has the following non-elemental upgrade limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):

  • Damage: 40 (+40%)
  • Armor: 26 (+26)
  • Armor Self-Repair: 60 (+0.36/s)
  • Max Steam: 15 (+15)
  • Steam Recharge: 50 (+0.2/s)
  • Super Speed: 25 (+1.25)

Pilot Skills

Skill Tier Pilot Rank Medic Level Option A Option B
1 13 10 Microsurgery
  • Cloud Radius: -40%
  • Secondary Steam Cost: -15% - 1% * (L: 1-5)
Major Surgery
  • Cloud Radius: +10% + 2% * (L: 1-5)
  • Secondary Steam Cost: +10%
2 46 - Fifth Coffee
  • Steam Recharge: -50%

Effecticon steamboost.png On heal ally (Duration: 2s):

  • Steam Recharge: +100%
Death Panel

On heal ally:

  • +5 armor

On kill:

  • -3 armor
3 77 - Socialized Medicine

Effecticon secondaryboost.png 3+ players nearby:

  • Cloud Radius: +15% + 1% * (L: 1-5)
Cost Cutting
  • Secondary Steam Cost: -10% - 1% * (L: 1-5)
4 144 - Managed Care

Effecticon rangeboost.png On heal ally (Duration: 2s):

  • Range: +15% + 1% *(L: 1-5)
  • Armor: -20%
Organ Donation

Effecticon steamcost.png On kill (Duration: 1s):

  • Secondary Steam Cost: -15% - 1% * (L: 1-5)
  • Medic 2-A is a net Steam Recharge reduction even while the on-heal-ally effect is active.
    • The +100% modifier is applied to base Steam Recharge, but the -50% modifier is applied to total Steam Recharge. As the Medic already has +100% Steam Recharge as a passive modifier and positive percentage-based modifiers add together in Steambirds Alliance, the on-heal-ally effect reduces the -50% modifier to a net -25% modifier at best.
  • Medic 2-B is the only Pilot Skill which can directly damage a player-controlled aircraft.
    • By extension, it is also the only Pilot Skill which can destroy a player-controlled aircraft without any enemy needing to land the final blow.


  • At level 1 with its T0 initial loadout, the Medic will have Armor, Damage and Steam Recharge values of, respectively, ~13.8, 104% and 0.8/s due to the effects of plane and leveling multipliers.
  • Overhealing planes for more than their negative health during their death animation will revive them.

Plane Variants

Tier 1 (Common) Variants

  • Nurse Pepper: The grackle who paints these gives discounts to medics. She'll grumble something, tap her wooden leg and hand back half your cash. The leg is painted with the most beautiful flames.
  • Parrot Doc: Before the war there was a doctors guild built on the concept of reciprocation. They never asked for money. However, if one healed you, they expected an equivalent gift at some point in the future.
  • Line Medic: When the Empire ground guns began targeting medics, there were no tribunals left to accuse them of war crimes. So rebel medics resorted to camouflaging themselves against the starry night.
  • Tiger Mother: Great cats are fiercely protective of their young. The cubs must learn to fight for themselves, but know they can always return home to have their wounds licked.

Tier 2 (Rare) Variants

  • Speed Medic: A doctor flies a fine line when they dabble in their own medicine. There are fixes that give a bird confidence, agility, a sense of speed. The risks seem worth the greater good; the self treatment justified.
  • Endurance Medic: What good is a dead medic? Balance the risk of saving this one life against the long years ahead where you might save a thousand lives.
  • Naturopath: Healers once relied on folk remedies to treat patients. Modern medicine has proven much more effective, but something warm and comforting was lost in the transition.

Tier 3 (Epic) Variants

  • Ghost Medic: The remnants of a dead religious order. They heal the unenlightened as a penance. Penance for betrayal of their mistress during her time of greatest need.
  • Blue Sky: The soldier is too far gone, so the doctor seeks to comfort: tell me a treasured memory. Summertime, childhood, lying back on a field of grass, looking up...
  • Northern Doc: A recluse, his methods are scorned by his peers and feared by the locals. Still, if you've fallen hurt in the woods, you're better off going to him than not.
  • Bloodletter: Come, get your humours in balance! Fever, apoplexy, headache? Acne, asthma, convulsions, gout? Indigestion, insanity, leprosy, stroke? There's nothing the sanguinary arts cannot cure. To the barber with you!