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|Pepper Chopper
|Pepper Chopper
|Pepper never [talks] about her past. But she's got an [old] tattoo with a blurred name set in the dead center of a flaming heart.
|Pepper never talks about her past. But she's got an old tattoo with a blurred name set in the dead center of a flaming heart.

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Pepper's Flame Collection is a set of Common Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Spicy Pepper Assault All pilots know the name Pepper. She takes cash up front and she doesn't do requests. It is flames or nothing.
Nurse Pepper Medic The grackle who paints these gives discounts to medics. She'll grumble something, tap her wooden leg and hand back half your cash. The leg is painted with the most beautiful flames.
Old Pepper Old Faithful The Rebel City Store employs a grumpy grackle who only paints planes with bad-ass flames. It is her thing.
Porky Pepper Hog Like a flying bonfire, lighting the heavens. Pepper went through 6 barrels of paint on this one.
Lady of the Shield Shieldmaiden Pepper met Her when she rolled up to the garage in the family roadster. Crisp cropped crest, rose beak. Love at first sight. Amazing how many tuneups a car needs.
Peregrine Pepper Raptor Pepper doesn't hide her distaste for these smaller, open-cockpit planes. Less surface area for painting flames, she says.
Pepper's Pad Quad There's a lady who paints flames on planes. That's her thing. She's got a bit of a following with the aficionados.
Gassy Lassy Duster Immense plumes of fragrant essence bloom forth from her billowy beautacious bum. Men and women cannot help but swoon.
Pepper Chopper Paladin Pepper never talks about her past. But she's got an old tattoo with a blurred name set in the dead center of a flaming heart.
Subject: Pepper Merlin They brought her in blindfolded. Told her she had some admirers. It was a special job for special state client and she could never talk about it. She just stared at him until he stopped talking.
Breaker Engineer Raw materials for new work come from salvaging old wrecks. The land's a layer cake of era, each with their own machines and mysteries. A breaker rips it all down, melts it, separates out the good stuff.
Pepper's Mask Bandit Art is not a transaction. Yes, you pay coins for a work of art. But this is but one necessary expression of gratitude and appreciation. Ideally, it is also accompanied by kind words, a gift of fine liqueur and a sense of kinship. When you treat art as just a transaction, the heart of the artist turns to stone and you, with all your silly cash, are worth nothing.
Fire Knight Dagger Knight Her son wanted to be a fighter pilot. So she did everything to support him. Extra shifts to buy his uniforms. Leaving good jobs so he could be near the school and then the base. When his empty casket came back, she could only blame herself.
Pepper Tank Siege Tank Never, ever call Pepper a crow. And none of those New Caledonian compliments. Like her mama said, grackles ain't crows. And even with all the Equalizing and Uplifting, there's a certain amount of pride that goes with being a smaller icterid.