Propeller Blast

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Propeller Blast
Used By Hog
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 21.6
Duration 1.7 seconds
Cooldown 4 seconds

Propeller Blast is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Propeller Blast dispenses a corrosive cloud with a 3-unit radius, then immediately begins its cooldown. Enemies take 10% of ability DPS (scaling with the Damage stat) every 0.1 seconds while they are within the cloud.

Clouds produced by Propeller Blast abilities can be stacked on top of each other (as well as those produced by Acid Cloud abilities) to increase effective DPS on enemies within the region of overlap. However, due to the ability's duration being much shorter than its cooldown, this stacking is only possible if multiple Hogs coordinate their ability use.


Name DPS Maximum Damage Description
Tier 0 Training Blast 40 68 Hit all enemy planes within range with acid damage.
Tier 1 Cloric Blast 80 136 Our alliance with the Free Castes provide an irregular monthly drop of various insect-derived reagents.
Tier 2 Citric Blast 120 204 There is much discussion over whether or not a destructive bio-reagent is a venom, poison or acid. The degenerate slang of of [sic] this debased era tends to mix all these willy-nilly. Pah, no respect for proper terminology.
Tier 3 Formic Blast 160 272 The spider-kin of the great Southern Isle (darkly named Oz by local sailors) are uniformly deadly. While snake castes generate substances that produce otherworldly hive states, spider kept their individualistic hunting instincts and culture.
Tier 4 Alum Blast 200 340 What is honor to a free arachnid? We know it drives their society. But the rules are as complex and impenetrable as one of their tunnel web citadels. Each interaction, a trap. And to cause offense is to declare yourself prey.
Tier 5 Acetic Blast 240 408 Formic species allied early with the arachnids priest-queens. In practice, they seems to play the same service role as the mythical autonomous servants of the gyptian empires. The ant's aphid indoctrination was coopted by the Feline Empire for their first cruel iterations on spider farming.
Tier 6 Boric Blast 280 476 We know little about the Oz spider farms. Once proud hunters act lobotomized, willingly submitting to invasive milking. Rescued spiders are found crawling with small red parasites that shrivel and squeal when exposed to sunlight.
Tier 7 Magnesia Blast 320 544 Self-modification is practiced by many insect-kin. Avians, in comparison, rely mostly on external apparatus to extend their capabilities. Where a bird might choose to build an aircraft if they want to fly long distances, a citadel queen would simply breed workers with immense glider wings.
Tier 8 Ammonia Blast 360 612 At the heart of the device's pressure chambers is beetle-derived bio-engine that multiplies the acid reagent and feeds the effluence into a phase-critical field pulser.
Tier 9 Cyanide Blast 400 680 Have you seen artist renditions of a priest-queen's chambers? There are no known photographs. But first hand reports suggest an architecture composed of vibrant structural weaving that merges seamless [sic] with countless statue-trophies of her vanquished enemies and husbands.
Tier 10 Deathstalker 440 748 Spider music is traditionally only played during death hunts for one's honored elderly.