Rebel City

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Where aircraft are stored while they are not in use. By default, players have two slots in the Hangar for their planes and hovercraft.

Pilot's Pub

The Pilot's Pub is where players can take on missions for additional rewards. Hourly missions (which must be completed within 3 hours of the first appearance) are offered based on the current plane's level while daily missions are offered to everyone without regard to plane level.

Pilot School

The Pilot School, accessible only after the player has lost a plane, is where players can go to learn or change their Pilot Skills. Plane unlocks, separate from Pilot Skills, have their requirements listed here for convenience.

Staging Area

Avian dropships, stationed beyond the Workshop and Pilot School, are always taking on pilots for transport to the war front. Players can board a dropship to travel to The Island and take the fight to the Feline Empire.


The Storage facility is where players can securely store items. Items placed in Storage are not lost upon plane destruction. By default, players begin with sixteen slots in the Storage facility for safeguarding valuable or useful items.


The Store is where players can buy special items, especially cosmetics, using either Scrap (S) or Gold (G).

Today's Special

  • Beginner Bundle (15000 G): +6 Storage slots, +2 Skill slots, +1 Hangar slot


Four items offered elsewhere in the Store may also be sold here at a discount for a limited time.

Upgrades and Boosts

  • Repair Kit (250 G / 750 S)
    • Limited use repair kit. Starts with 5 charges.
  • Steam Canister (750 G / 2250 S)
    • Emergency steam supply. Limited use since it is basically a small explosive that instantly vaporizes water. Starts with 5 charges.
  • Meditation on Experience (2000 G / 6000 S)
    • When memorized, the pilot's mind flows with the Great Words. They learn faster. Double XP for 30 minutes. Single use.
  • Additional Plane Cargo Space (5000/6000/7000 G for 1st/2nd/3rd purchases)
    • 4 additional cargo spaces on your plane inventory. These spaces are added to the single shared cargo container used by all your planes. Maximum quantity per account: 3
  • Hangar Slot (7000/8000/9000/10000 G for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th+ purchases)
    • 1 additional plane Hangar slot
  • Additional Secure Storage (7000/8000/9000/10000 G for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th+ purchases)
    • 6 additional Storage spaces to keep items safe. You don't lose items stashed in storage when you are shot down.
  • Additional Skill Loadout (4000/5000/6000 G for 1st/2nd/3rd+ purchases)
    • Another loadout for a different build of Pilot Skills. Swap between these in the Pilot School.

Items for New Planes

  • T3 Weapon/Armor (60 S)
  • T5 Weapon/Armor (120 S)

Special Missions

  • Mission Bundle (12000 G)
    • A binder of 5 special missions deep in Imperial Territory
  • Mission Plans (Dungeon) (3000 G [2000 G for Mission Plans: Crypt of Cathulhu])
    • Teleport coordinates to [dungeon description]. Activate to summon a drop ship.


  • Tier 1 Emotes (1000 G / 3000 S)
    • Maximum quantity per account: 1
    • Emotes: Thumbs up!, Thumbs down, Love!, Warning, Charge!, Disco
  • Tier 2 Emotes (7000 G / 21000 S)
    • Maximum quantity per account: 1
    • Emotes: Wings, Epic Fireworks, Epic love!


Paint Shop

  • Tier 1 Paints (1000 G / 3000 S)
    • Body Colors: Gray, Dark gray, Green, Dark yellow-orange, Dark blue, Deep Sea (sales only), Very dark purple (sales only)
    • Detail Colors: Gray, Dark gray, Green, Dark yellow-orange, Dark blue, Very dark blue, Very dark purple
  • Tier 2 Paints (2000 G)
    • Body Colors: Orange, Yellow-orange, Yellow, Yellow-green, Teal, Purple, Dark orange, Dark yellow-green, Dark teal, Night forest, Very dark violet
    • Detail Colors: Yellow, Yellow-green, Teal, Purple, Dark vermillion, Dark orange, Dark yellow, Very dark yellow-orange, Very dark green
  • Tier 3 Paints (4000 G)
    • Body Colors: White, Black, Red
    • Detail Colors: White, Black, Red

Plane Variants

Once purchased, Plane Variants can be chosen upon initial creation of the appropriate class of aircraft, replacing the class's name with that of the variant when inspected in the Hangar.

The Workshop

The Workshop is where players can craft high-tier equipment using metals obtained from Pilot's Pub missions. Crafting materials may be deposited as they are acquired, and the player can have multiple active crafting recipes at a time. It is also possible to craft epic trails from gems acquired in some dungeons.