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'''Royal Stripe Collection''' is a set of Epic [[Rebel City#Store|Plane Variants]].
'''Royal Stripe Collection''' is a set of Epic [[Store#Plane Variants|Plane Variants]].
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Royal Stripe Collection is a set of Epic Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Royal Spike Assault A ghastly implement, built by reluctant engineers to satisfy a sadistic noble's whim.
Northern Doc Medic A recluse, his methods are scorned by his peers and feared by the locals. Still, if you've fallen hurt in the woods, you're better off going to him than not.
Holy Sorrow Old Faithful The most vile trick one can play on a child is to teach them there is no difference between faith and guilt.
Snow Hog Hog A heart beats hot blood below thick layers of fat and fur, staving off the cold. Trudging past frozen corpses of those too skinny for this climate.
Ward of the State Shieldmaiden We act out so terribly during our teenage years.
Comparative Advantage Raptor Why do we invest in shiny baubles? It is because, as social animals, we are compelled to engage in social comparison. The bauble is communication of our identity and status. Without baubles, we have no way to signal our ties and roles within the communal whole.
Snowcopter Quad Originally used in mountain rescue by the Bernard family. Rumor has it they refused to give their allegiance to the empire. We found their quads abandoned in a remote hangar, still greased up against the cold. Ready to go.
The Friend Duster In this final calculus, all that matters are bonds we forged along the way. Make good friends; all other measures of success are self-serving lies.
Ice Paladin Paladin Sometimes [warmth is found on] the inside.
Snow Witch Merlin She was brilliant. After her advisor took credit for the stabilizer work, she left the project. Our progress faltered until we found her hidden notes transcribed from deep script.
Ice Cogger Engineer In Early Uplift times, the poles were covered with mile-thick layers of ice. We know this from oral traditions of the far southern tribes like the p'guens and petrels. In deep glacial cities, proto-coggers built vast mechano-optical factories of refracting blue crystal.
The Ice Boy Bandit The previous owner of this plane grew up in a quiet northern household. His nanny would shush him, sometimes clamping his beak shut, so that he would not incur the wrath of his sensitive father. When he complained he could not breath, she whispered this was still better than more bruises.
Winter Song Dagger Knight There's a charming dirge about songbirds overwintering in the snowy pines. For warmth, they'd huddle together in fluffed up balls. Never realizing that clever raccoons with their devil paws were slowly climbing up from below. Poof! Feathers everywhere. One less song birds. A tune often sung at funerals.
Ugly Tom Siege Tank Some people are born ugly. Ugly on the outside. Ugly on the inside. Others are made ugly. It seeps in, one bad choice at a time.