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'''Spike Collection''' is a set of Common [[Rebel City#Store|Plane Variants]].
'''Spike Collection''' is a set of Common [[Store#Plane Variants|Plane Variants]].
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Spike Collection is a set of Common Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Snow Plow Assault The North division has their own anti-corrosion paint. The brittle cold and salted runways wreak havoc on those wimpy southern craft.
Parrot Doc Medic Before the war there was a doctors guild built on the concept of reciprocation. They never asked for money. However, if one healed you, they expected an equivalent gift at some point in the future.
Chill Faithful Old Faithful Cool blue spikes transform this ancient training plane into a hipster fashion statement. Comes with built-in record player.
Sulky Sow Hog When the academy recommends a recruit for flying a Hog, some take it the wrong way. Does it mean you excel at flying slow and getting shot? Of course not, but many pilots carry that doubt for years.
Guardian of Virtue Shieldmaiden There's nothing saying girls shouldn't like girls. But there's a time and place. Proper courtship still matters.
Razor Raptor Raptor Swoop down, talons out. Snatched from the pond in the blink of an eye. The fish never sees it coming, and how could it? An attacker from another dimension.
The Liaison Quad Favored by officers, the Liason can hover about the very edges of a combat zone. A smart burst of their signature machine gun dissuades the most villainous of cats.
Cropper Duster Never in the history of bird-kind has a more mundane junker been tarted up to such an unfortunate degree. The result is some form of art.
Armored Suit [Mecha] Paladin An experimental set of powered armor funded by a reclusive Lord. The lab shut down after the noble family's mass murder suicide, due to public rumor the patriarch had been canoodling with a pied parakeet. Such times we live in.
Experiment 8 Merlin Some wizards are just so...goth.
Fixer Engineer Before the great aerial Docks burned, engineering planes helped build the legendary floating capital ships. Now, they deploy drones in direct combat.
Profiteer Bandit Worldly goods eat at our soul. We covet them, seek them and spend all our spare hours obsessing, obsessing, obsessing over their grinding, unending acquisition. What do you truly need? A ship, the sky, a merry crew of fine mates. Stuff? Stuff is a mere waste of living.
Shark Knight Dagger Knight The loner tells himself self-inflicted lies. That he is better off alone. That others are threats. These are a defense mechanism. The truth is that others would welcome and love him if he would simply stop acting like a solitary shark, all teeth and selfish hunger.
Grind Tank Siege Tank The birds moth-balled their ground artillery when they ceded the poisoned soil. But Avian engineers abhor wasted firepower, so this unlikely flying tank was born.