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Star Collection is a set of Common Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Quiet Bull Assault Felines with their inferior eyesight never see the Bull until it is too late. Photophosphors scavenged from deep cave fungi create the plane's unique colors.
Line Medic Medic When the Empire ground guns began targeting medics, there were no tribunals left to accuse them of war crimes. So rebel medics resorted to camouflaging themselves against the starry night.
Secret Angel Old Faithful An Old Faithful trainer repurposed as a scout. The spiffy paint helps pilots avoid detection by anti-air.
Piglet Hog Hogs have commonly been sold as military surplus for use as civilian transports, only to be recommissioned to aid the war effort. This one belonged to a traveling circus for 6 years. The odor of hay and manure lingers.
The Governess Shieldmaiden She was quite strict with her impetuous charge. Given their predilections, it was perhaps inevitable the relationship took a non-traditional turn in later years.
Bald Eagle Raptor Famously piloted by an ancient field scout who lost most of his head feathers. Some say due to a gas attack. Others joke he furrowed his brow so much, his plummage fell right out.
Attache Quad Why darling, of course we need to go to the party tonight. Otherwise, who will plant the bomb?
Feather Duster Duster Once maintained by an elderly grounds keeper in employ of a drooling duchess. Her entire estate was various shades of pastel due to a dictate she'd issue just as the brain worms hatched. And thus never rescinded. The grounds keeper would dutifully repaint the decorations once a year and took immense pride in his craft.
Stars of St. Stevens Paladin To the north lies a small town ignored by most. In a dirt basement, three children dug up a metal chest of glittering star-shaped ornaments. Upon touching the points to their heart, throat and foreheads, they could see time itself. Thus commenced the gentle winter murders.
Experiment FINAL Merlin The equations from the remaining codex fragment proved more flexible than expected. What we've managed must have been child's play for them.
Gearhead Engineer Being pragmatic birds of science, there's nothing magic about gears. But there is something sublime; an awesome infinite beauty that moves the soul.
Rake's Mask Bandit In the 20s, trysting ladies took to wearing silk masks steamed into the shape of exotic mammalia. Foxes, deers, the occasional marmoset. In later decades, such fashions were popularly associated with dashing thieves, especially those flaunting an erotic feminine flair.
Star Knight Dagger Knight When the champion was asked by a child how he became so grand, he knelt down and whispered the following secrets: 'First, I observe my failures. And note the ineffective patterns. Then I change those patterns. And always (this is the most important part), I try to be kind to others. Because we are all on the same journey of learning.'
Celestia Siege Tank The motto of the anti-propagandist Famous Personages Long Range Assassination Unit is 'Aim for the Stars'