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|[[File:Transformer Coil.png|70px]]<br>Lightning Damage
|[[File:Transformer Coil.png|70px]]<br>Lightning Damage
|Transformer Coil
|Transformer Coil
|Lightning Damage, ADD, ADD
|Lightning Damage, Camera View, Secondary Cooldown
|[[File:Heavy Caulk.png|70px]]<br>Water Defence
|[[File:Heavy Caulk.png|70px]]<br>Water Defence
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|[[File:Research Dept Formula.png|70px]]<br>Fire Damage
|[[File:Research Dept Formula.png|70px]]<br>Fire Damage
|Research Dept Formula
|Research Dept Formula
|Fire Damage, ADD, ADD
|Fire Damage, Cloud Radius, Max Turn Rate
|[[File:Antidote Powder.png|70px]]<br>Poison Defence
|[[File:Antidote Powder.png|70px]]<br>Poison Defence
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|[[File:Nucleation-Active Protein.png|70px]]<br>Ice Damage
|[[File:Nucleation-Active Protein.png|70px]]<br>Ice Damage
|Nucleation-Active Protein
|Nucleation-Active Protein
|Ice Damage, ADD, ADD
|Ice Damage, Secondary Cooldown, Vortex Size

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Supercharging is a feature accessible through the workshop that allows players to upgrade their weapons and equipment using (nanites link), which gives them various bonus stats based on the nanites used during the Supercharging process.

Players must obtain an item of equal tier, and a tier-specific quantity of scrap and nanites, at which point they are able to supercharge the base item, which consumes all the materials used in the process and gives the item a stat for each nanite used.

Supercharging an item also gives it a one-time protection from a crash, at which point it will be reverted back to pristine and all the bonuses given by supercharging will be lost, and the process will have to be repeated.


Nanites are a special item crafted using 5 of the same upgrades, or copper, which are used to supercharge an item or (WEAPON QUALITY PAGE LINK? DO WE EVEN WANT A PAGE FOR IT?) repair them.

When used to repair an item, no extra stats are gained and the nanites are simply consumed to fix the damage loss caused by lower quality items.

When used to supercharge an item, Players will gain a +1-?% boost in a random stat, with the stats gained being dependant on which nanites are used, and the number of nanites required in the supercharging process. Players cannot currently choose which stats they get in the case of nanites with multiple stats, and will receive one at random.

Nanites and their Stats

Nanite Made with Stat(s)
Barrel Dopant.png
Barrel Dopants Damage
Armor Stiffener.png
Armor Stiffners Armor
Self-Repair Juice.pngRepair Self-repair Juice Armor Regen
Fusion Capacitor.png
Max Steam
Fusion Capacitors Max Steam
Steam Turbocharger.png
Steam Turbochargers Steam Regen
Cowl Lube.png
Cowl Lube Superspeed
Rubber Sealant.png
Lightning Defence
Rubber Sealant Lightning Defence, ADD, ADD
Transformer Coil.png
Lightning Damage
Transformer Coil Lightning Damage, Camera View, Secondary Cooldown
Heavy Caulk.png
Water Defence
Heavy Caulk Water Defence, ADD, ADD
Wetting Agent.png
Water Damage
Wetting Agent Water Damage, ADD, ADD
Heat Reflector.png
Fire Defence
Heat Reflector Fire Defence, Bash Damage, ADD
Research Dept Formula.png
Fire Damage
Research Dept Formula Fire Damage, Cloud Radius, Max Turn Rate
Antidote Powder.png
Poison Defence
Antidote Powder Poison Defence, ADD, ADD
Diatomaceous Solution.png
Poison Damage
Diatomaceous Solution Poison Damage, ADD, ADD
Whale Oil.png
Ice Defence
Whale Oil Ice Defence, ADD, ADD
Nucleation-Active Protein.png
Ice Damage
Nucleation-Active Protein Ice Damage, Secondary Cooldown, Vortex Size
Copper All Elemental Defences and Damage Boosts

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