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|name = Raptor
|image = A2.png
|size = 100px
|control = Relative
|unlock = Level 20 [[Merlin]]
|firstgun = Junk Laser
|allguns = Laser<br/>Sniper
|second = Mines
|maneuver = Barrel Roll
|armor = 12.3 (15)
|damage = 100% (100%)
|repair = 0.6/s (0.6/s)
|recharge = 0.6/s (0.4/s)
|turn = 180º/sec
|cruise = 2.5
|super = 5.0
|multi = x0.8 Weapon Range<br/>x0.8 Armor<br/>+50% Steam Recharge<br/>x0.5 Max Speed and Super Speed while firing<br/>x0.3 Turn Rate while firing<br/>x2 bullets while not superspeeding<br/>+80% Turn Rate while superspeeding

to get

{{#if: Relative|
Control Type Relative
Unlock Requirement Level 20 Merlin
Starting Weapon Junk Laser
Primary Weapons Laser
Maneuver Barrel Roll
Initial Stats (Base Stats)
Armor 12.3 (15)
Damage 100% (100%)
Armor Self-Repair 0.6/s (0.6/s)
Steam Recharge 0.6/s (0.4/s)
Turn Rate 180º/sec
Max Speed 2.5
Super Speed 5.0
Plane Multipliers
x0.8 Gun Range
x0.8 Armor
+50% Steam Recharge
x0.5 Max Speed and Super Speed while firing
x0.3 Turn Rate while firing
x2 bullets while not superspeeding
+80% Turn Rate while superspeeding

Note: Initial stats are the stats an aircraft starts with when they are initially created at the Hangar (including all class and equipment modifiers). Base stats are what the initial stats would be if class and equipment modifiers were ignored; they are also important for calculating the effects of +X% stat modifiers.