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==Drops of Interest==
==Drops of Interest==
* Meowzanium
* Tier 9 Equipment
* Tier 9 Equipment
* Tier 10 Equipment
* Tier 10 Equipment

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The Great Leader's Command Center is a Tier 10 difficulty dungeon that is available once every hour on the hour, by selecting the mission Throne of Meowza via the Mission Transport.

Similar to Iron Lair, the Command Center only serves as an arena for the Godleader Meowza boss fight.


Great leader command center ss.PNG


  • Godleader Meowza
  • The Viceroy
  • Supplicant of Meowza
  • Hound of Meowza Hound of Meowza.png
  • Spirit Vessel of Meowza Spirit Vessel of Meowza.png
  • Acolyte of Meowza Acolyte of Meowza.png



Godleader Meowza

Drops of Interest

  • Meowzanium
  • Tier 9 Equipment
  • Tier 10 Equipment
  • Barrel Dopant
  • Armor Stiffener
  • Self-Repair Juice
  • Fusion Capacitor
  • Jhirin Sheerudo
  • Scythe of Zed