The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum

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The Great Leader's Inner Sanctum is a tier 10 difficulty dungeon that drops at trhe end of the 3 Brothers dungeon. It is a source of T10 equipment, base plane upgrades, and various M2 armour variants.

Similar to the Iron Lair, the dungeon consists of a single boss battle, albeit against Godleader Meowza 2. The arena is square shaped with Godleader Meowza's turrets surrounding the perimeter of the arena.

Endgame content for the toughest of players, this dungeon is intended to house the most difficult boss fight in the game so far. With a high risk-reward ratio, teamwork and coordination are highly necessary to beat this nightmare adversary.


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  • Meowza Ghast


<Insert image(s) here> Godleader Meowza 2

Drops of Interest

  • Tier 10 Equipment
  • Armor Stiffener
  • Barrel Dopant(?)
  • Steam Turbocharger(?)
  • Fusion Capacitor
  • Self Repair Juice(?)
  • Unknown SPEC