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'''Tiger Stripe Collection''' is a set of Common [[Rebel City#Store|Plane Variants]].
'''Tiger Stripe Collection''' is a set of Common [[Store#Plane Variants|Plane Variants]].
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Tiger Stripe Collection is a set of Common Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Tiger's Eye Assault Radiant, unblinking. It compels you to match its gaze and be mesmerized. The last thing you see is a thing of such beauty.
Tiger Mother Medic Great cats are fiercely protective of their young. The cubs must learn to fight for themselves, but know they can always return home to have their wounds licked.
Burning Bright Old Faithful 'In what distant deeps or skies. Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire?' -Billy Blake
Zebra Pig Hog You can clean it up, put some color in its trail, spray it with some stripes, but it is still a Hog.
The Cub Shieldmaiden She knew which buttons to push.
Tiger Strike Raptor Originally the pattern of a dangerous predator, now everyone wears it to mimic that strength. Turns out that can be just as effective.
Animal Quad Quad Why do birds make such good pilots? The answer is monocular vision. The ability to track targets in full 360 with both eyes moving independently is a critical advantage in combat.
Liger Duster Some farmers like animal prints. They are less rare than you might imagine, though usually keep their predilections closeted in a den or private basement. A few are more forthright in declaring their bold, beautiful love.
Lord of Claw and [Blade] Paladin In the evening[, a] flock performs a calming ritual. They keep a cage of mice in the corner, who've been told that this is their way into heaven.
Warning: Flammable Merlin After careful analysis of the ash, the consensus theory involves chained realities; pocket dimensions in a feedback loop replaying a million years of [REDACTED] history.
Flamboyant Nerd Engineer He knows how to talk. He knows how to dress. He knows how to build. Insufferable.
Hunted Bandit The tiger is the fallen enemy of civilization. It lurks in abandoned fields, barely surviving on stray livestock. Yet the tiger remains majestic. Though it is reduced to scavenging. Though it has lost the grand arc of history.
Tigon Dagger Knight While Imperial breeding priests bestows their highest honors upon monstrous Lion-tiger hybrids, they look down upon the smaller tigons. The shameful offspring of a male tiger and a female lion coupling are culled at birth when possible.
Queenie Siege Tank In the final days of the Republic, there was a fashion trend where young, attractive birds would pluck all the feathers from their heads and then draw in boldly colored eyebrows. Such abundance of spirit feels alien to this modern age.