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Upgrades are consumable items that boost a certain stat on your plane. All upgrades applied are unique to that plane, and lost if said plane dies. Upgrades are obtained from particular higher-level bosses and enemies.

There is a cap to how many upgrades you can use on a given stat (see Elements for elemental upgrade caps and the various Classes for non-elemental upgrade caps).

Base Stats

Upgrade Effect Description Possible Sources
Armor Stiffener +1 Armor Rare Plane Upgrade. Like a stiff upper lip. But for a plane. White Spider, Iron Lair, Temple of Bast, Super Secret Base, The Great Leader's Command Center, The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum, Grand Lion, Retaliator
Barrel Dopant +1% Damage Rare Plane Upgrade. Increase exit velocity of charged shells. Jinn, Rei, Venom Compound, Frozen Owl Monastery, The Elder Arena, The Vaults, The Dig, The Great Leader's Command Center, The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum, Sentinel
Cowl Lube +1% Super Speed Very rare plane upgrade. Reduces drag, increasing terminal velocity. The Vaults, Home for Special Children, Noble Estates Enemies
Fusion Capacitor +1 Max Steam Very rare plane upgrade. Increases total superheated steam capacity. The Great Leader's Command Center, The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum
Self Repair Juice +1% Armor Self-Repair Rare plane upgrade. Improves speed of self-repair systems. Kai, Reeducation Camp, Crypt of Cathulhu, The Great Leader's Command Center, The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum, Moneyed Duelist, Highborn Marksman
Steam Turbocharger +1% Steam Recharge Rare Plane Upgrade. Improves generation of superheated steam by a plane's fusion hotbox. The Vaults, Imperial City Enemies


Upgrade Effect Description Guaranteed Sources Possible Sources
Antidote Powder +3% Poison Filter Packed into small capsules, the powder neutralizes many poisons. Ra Generator, The Dig The Vaults, Venom Compound
Diatomaceous Solution +4% Poison Damage Tiny sea creatures gave up their lives to gum up the machines of our enemies. White Spider, Venom Compound The Vaults
Heat Reflector +3% Fire Armor A rare alloy that becomes stronger when hot. Noble Politician, Crypt of Cathulhu The Dig, Reeducation Camp
Heavy Caulk +3% Water Sealant This caulk is super thick and solid. Does a great job keeping water out. Lobbyist, Great Trawler Crypt of Cathulhu, Temple of Bast
Nucleation-Active Protein +4% Ice Damage Facilitates the formation of ice crystals. Iron Lair, Frozen Owl Monastery Super Secret Base
Research Dept Formula +4% Fire Damage Flammable particles that make the flame burn hotter than normal. Jinn, Reeducation Camp The Dig
Rubber Sealant +3% Shockproofing Prepares for most shocking circumstances. Ambassador, Super Secret Base Home for Special Children
Transformer Coil +4% Shock Damage Step up the voltage! Rei, The Elder Arena Chariot Judge
Wetting Agent +4% Water Damage Is there anything wetter than water? Our research suggests ... yes. Kai, Temple of Bast Crypt of Cathulhu
Whale Oil +3% Ice Armor Just as good as regular oil, but works in ultra-cold conditions. Doctor Notra, The Vaults Super Secret Base, Frozen Owl Monastery