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Ambassador is Thicc

Chapter 1 - The Hopeful Beginning

7 PM, June 15th, 2019
I looked out into the sunset, it was a pretty good day. I had just completed my 8-hour work shift of hunting down ferocious beasts and towering bosses. My job is to hunt creatures for money. Kinda like a bounty hunter. Sometimes I see some scary crap, and sometimes it's the most boring day of my life. I've been hunting down monsters for a very long time, sometimes I wish I could just give up on my job and quit.
As I was walking home, I looked at my surroundings. The lush bushes, fertile grasses, looming trees, a few kids at a park getting ready to go home. This is what made Rebel City so great. Even the soft pavement of the sidewalk was smooth and satisfying as my avian feet stretched across the ground. As I looked into the distance I recognized my flock of friends, we had been together since Kindergarten and we have promised to never lie to each other and have each other's backs at all times. I rushed across the bubbly street to hang out with them.

I talked with them a while, I used to hang out with them a lot... Until I got my job as a Bounty Hunter. After I sqwuaking with them for a bit, I headed my way, and they were headed their way. I resumed my admiration for my environment. Billowing factories, flashing neon signs in clubs, shining glass towers. I continued walking until I got to Rebel City's monument of hope. It was a tall statue, made of brilliant marblelike colors. The statue was in the shape of Lieutenant Jenkens, a respected bounty hunter who was incredibly brave for protecting people in Rebel City from approaching enemies. His strong and tough statue stood there proudly, a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, to symbolize the protection he gave us.

Chapter 2 - The Hero

7:30 PM, June 15th, 2019
I went to the park often, because the statue gave me a light at the end of the tunnel, a reason to keep on going. Even the thought of the statue fills me with bright inspiration. Every time I visit the statue, I always thought back to when The Attack happened.
Many years ago when I used to go to grade school I witnessed The Attack. While I was biking home with my flock, one of us had seen something weird in the distance and told the rest of us about it. As we rode closer a strange sound started to resonate, getting louder and louder as we got closer. Was it screaming? Yelling? Laughter? As we got crept closer, we recognized that a very large crowd of birds were celebrating about something. They surrounded a large heap of dead monsters, they were all in one tall cone-shaped pile. And at the very top, stood a bird. Lieutenant Jenkins.

We asked someone what had happened, and apparently while we were at school an organized group of monsters planned for the right time to ambush Rebel City. They launched a coordinated attack to the Park first, since they thought that there would only be defenseless children there, unable to protect themselves. What they didn’t know, however, was that all the kids were in school hours and Lieutenant Jenkins was on a stroll through the park.

Everything was wrapping up, people were starting to leave, the monsters were getting thrown into garbage cans, and Jenkins was taking answers from everyone. I wanted to ask Jenkins a question as well, but the rest of my flock didn’t want to stay any longer so they went home and said goodbye. While I was talking to Jenkins I heard a strange sound directly behind me. The monster leaped up and aimed to snap my neck. That was it, I thought. The end. Right when I thought my life was over, Jenkins snatched the monster up by its neck and slashed it right off. I don’t know how I felt at that moment. Despair, Adrenaline, Helplessness, Dread. All that happened within a heartbeat. From then on, I’ve always respected him, and I grew up wanting to be a Monster Hunter just like him.

I waved out on the street for a taxi cab to stop by, and I was driven home to my apartment. After thanking the driver and paying them, I walked to the front of my apartment and made my way to Floor 2, Room 173. As I opened the door, I was greeted by nothing. Pure loneliness.

Chapter 3 - A Restless Night

10:00 PM, June 15th, 2019
After I finished cleaning my beak, I hopped into my bird nest and tried to sleep. I looked at the other side of my room. The sky blue filled the walls, the expressionless blank doors sealed the bathroom, and a fuzzy orange carpet layered the floor, it was a bright near neon color, the color clashed with the surrounding gray gravel. The gravel’s texture felt grainy and terrible, while also accommodating a slight sinking sensation, washing you with a horrible feeling every time you stepped across it. Sometimes I think the floor felt and looked bad on purpose so you could look up, and not look down upon yourself. Slightly inspirational, but on the other hand, terrible floor planning. The nest I laid on was cool and relaxing, it looked and felt like a soft caramel swirled with a pinch of a fluffy cloud, similar to a stuffed plushie or blanket.

On one side of the apartment wall was a picture frame bolted crudely near the top, the gray frame held a dark image of what used to be my parents, in the frame was an old photo of my parents laughing and eating rice and beans since we don’t have teeth. We used to be so happy together, I think I had just gotten my new job and we were celebrating. My family had long discussions about it and they warned me of some things. But I was a courageous and fit for hunting down monsters. I wished they could see how I was doing today. Would they still be happy about my progress? My journey? Or maybe they would be disappointed that I wasn’t making a lot of money. What they would definitely be disappointed about was my lack of companionship.
After several bird years later after my parents died in a flying accident, I haven’t spoken to a single person who could be a potential boyfriend/girlfriend. I feel like all of my past friends have already had a mate, and some of them already have little children! Although, I haven’t been actively attempting to find a partner, so that may explain a large amount of it.

After being in my head for a while, I took a shot at attempting to sleep, my dreary eyes slowly falling, my body adjusting in the nest, as I fell into a deep slumber.
“Wake up!” A voice called in my head, “Someone special is waiting for you, good luck soldier.”