Void Prism

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Void Prism
Type Special Laser
Variant Count 1
Source The Great Leader’s Inner Sanctum

Void Prism is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.

T10 Stats

Shots Physical RoF Range Description
1 0.1 + 3.6 Water 9 2.5 When the Grand Mistress, grieving mother of Clardish, completed her final work, the owl monks were finally able to split the veil of reality. What lies beyond this world of tragedy and loss?
1 0.1 + 3.6 Ice 9 2.5
1 0.1 + 3.6 Fire 9 2.5
1 0.1 + 3.6 Poison 9 2.5
1 0.1 + 3.6 Lightning 9 2.5


  • The Void Prism's bullets are fired a few units from the player unlike most conventional lasers. The 5 gun mounts of the laser will be positioned in a circular pattern and rotate clockwise. Each of these 5 gun mounts will fire its respective elemental damage bullet towards the center, effectively creating a "vortex" of bullets which all converge at the center.
    • It should also be noted that each gun mount rotates at a different speed clockwise.
  • The bullets that the Void Prism fires also pierces through enemies.


  • The short range of this weapon along with its bizarre firing pattern makes this weapon extremely difficult to use effectively.
  • Compared to the T10 Laser, Void Prism is able to churn out more bullets due to its 5 gun mounts firing at a faster rate. However, each bullet the weapon fires is significantly weaker than the bullets that the T10 Laser fires.
  • The laser's 5-element damage nature means that it is always moderately effective against any elemental enemy.
    • An elemental enemy would resist one element (-50% damage taken) and be weak against another element (+100% damage taken), effectively resulting in +50% damage taken.
    • It can be classified as a jack of all trades weapon, as it doesn't specialise in any element. Any other elemental laser will thus do better at it against its own respective elemental-weak enemies.