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|T9 Gun of the Danes
|T9 Gun of the Danes
|Big, slow, effective. Like the kennel bred shock troops that once used it.
|Big, slow, effective. Like the kennel bred shock troops that once used it.
|T10 Puckle’s Courage
|T10 Puckle’s Courage
|'All dogs go to heaven.' -Captain Cornish Puckle, upon being surrounded by a full canine infantry division.
|'All dogs go to heaven.' -Captain Cornish Puckle, upon being surrounded by a full canine infantry division.

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Item Description
T0 Science Fair Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T1 Student Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T2 Major Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T3 Apprentice Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T4 Master Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T5 Professor's Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T6 Science Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T7 Mad Science Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T8 Tenured Arc An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T9 Arc de Chair An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
T10 Arc Emeritus An arcing beam of accelerated nuclei.
ELEM Lightning Arc At first, it was feared that crossing the beams would rip the world apart. Everyone does it now.
ELEM Pabu's Bubbles Small spheres of water are guided by arc beam tech.
ELEM Flame Arc Superheated gases are turned into plasma energy and released. They often track nearby objects and burn holes in them.
ELEM Venom Injector Using arc beam technology as a conduit to deliver venom needles was no easy feat. A wealthy sadist spared no expenses to see it happen.
ELEM Ice Arc Originally created to cool off cat nobility in the desert. Its potential as a weapon was realized after a freak accident.
UT Spider Colony Unleash the spider horde.
UT Viper These quick snakes can lock onto multiple targets.
UT Fire Orbs Slow moving flames that pack a punch. Wide lock-on range.
UT Tesla An experimental long-range arc gun that fires bursts of arc energy. Invented by a forgotten scientist.


Item Description
T0 Trivial Blaster Three shots is all you need.
T1 Basic Blaster Better than nothing.
T2 Standard Blaster The next step in commodity munitions.
T3 Rebel Blaster The only thing better than tier 2 is tier 3.
T4 Heavy Blaster Forget what you heard; this year's model has even more punch.
T5 Professional Blaster This is actually it. The penultimate in triple-power. Tier 5.
T6 Elite Blaster You know what penultimate means, I hope.
T7 Red Blaster He bore a bloody red band upon his neck that would never heal fully. His lover wept.
T8 Yanqee Blaster In the northeastern principalities, the citizens are known for their rudeness, loudness, rapidity of speech and tendency to hunt for mere sport.
T9 Fission Blaster Hotboxes were the first fusion devices we recovered. Hard to control and prone to wild control oscillations.
T10 Nuclear Blaster The proper isotopes for microfusion only came to light upon negotiations with the Leviathan Emissaries. Further exploration of the deep ended after the hastily signed Eight-Fold Treaty.
ELEM Tesla Blaster Three furballs rub against one another at cat crazy velocities. Zap!
ELEM Hydro Blaster This is what happens when you weaponize a squirt gun.
ELEM Flame Blaster An excellent weapon for burning out cancerous nasties. This is what they means when they say 'kill it with fire.'
ELEM Venom Blaster Triple translucent tubes spit purified necrotic venom. It melts flesh like butter.
ELEM Ice Blaster Cryoweapon created during the glacial period that ended the Age of Apes.
UT God Beam This gun radiates light. Also, death.
UT El Diablo's Blast Fires a burst of concentrated fire energy when fully charged. Like a sneezing devil.
UT Pulse Wave An unstable energy weapon. Sends rippling distortion that rend metal.
UT Poseidon Destruction comes in waves of three.


Item Description
T0 Junk Laser The least deadly weapon.
T1 Junkier Laser The deadliest of weapons. If you've got a steady hand.
T2 Flashlight Laser So bright it burns fur. Recovered from a cat scout.
T3 Industrial Laser Used to weld the Megaships that keep the world subjugated.
T4 Military Laser The Cat Generals outfitted their shock troops with portable lasers.
T5 Elite Laser The Black Cats only calling card was a skull with burnt out eyes.
T6 Captain Mac's Laser The sad ballad of Captain Mac is no longer sung in Rebel City.
T7 Fire Laser Developed in secret to burn high-flying spy hawks, it now serves the birds.
T8 Synth Ruby Laser Cats built up their war machine in secret using the twisted inventions of enslaved monkeymen.
T9 Synth Emerald Laser Each synthetic emerald is distilled from chemicals harvested from specially bred mouse worshippers.
T10 Phase Ray The Cats uncovered something horrible in that forgotten temple that now fuels their empire.
ELEM Lightning Laser More of an ionized beam, really.
ELEM Hydro Laser When studying the wreckage of dead civilizations, avian archeologists found cryptic ocean tales. They told of vast intelligences that once ruled the ocean depths.
ELEM Flame Laser During the zombie fungus of 1510, the ruling bird nobility sought to burn victims to ash to prevent spread. They say the stench lingered for years.
ELEM Poison Pulser A corrupt beam that deforms any living matter.
ELEM Ice Laser When the owl monks unlocked the last of the Egyptian god's crystals, an unnatural stillness spread throughout their aerie.
UT Jhirin Kousen This gun radiates light. Also, death.
UT Medusa Laser Imbued with the power of the snake goddess Medusa.
UT Zed Dragon Fires kinetic energy. Designed by a master of aerial arts. (Hold down fire button for rapid fire)

Machine Gun

Item Description
T0 Colombo Trainer Classic dogfight machine gun.
T1 Colombo Repeater Bulldog general nicknamed Colombo became famous in the Aughts for sending his troops into close combat equipped only with a heavy repeating gun.
T2 Colombo Repeater Mk II In the battle of Elks Rot, rapid shock troops deployed with a new model of machine gun failed to reach the artillery line in time.
T3 Colombo Repeater Mk III Faced with numerous combat failures, the ill-loved machine gun designs were mothballed. One, involving a lighter frame mountable on hover vehicles, was stolen by valiant titmouse spies.
T4 Repeater 16 During the Winter Siege, starving avian coggers adapted the gun to quads using an innovative aimable turret assemblage.
T5 Repeater Cannon Compressed mass storage systems enabled even larger calliber [sic] rounds. First saw deployment in the spring campaign against the very dog troops who began carrying machine guns as standard infantry equipment in years past.
T6 Colombo’s Bane One dreary summer morning, when the haze had not yet burned off above the killing fields, a stealthed quad wing snuck up to General Fred 'Columbo' [sic] Oxglen Sr's command post. And ended his storied career.
T7 Large-bore Machine Gun Imperial advances in reactive armor plating resulted in a minor arms race as the Rebels frantically increased punch-through power. Bores larger than this design exhibit ammo instability and explosive failures.
T8 Steam Machine Gun An ultimately ill-fated romance between a Mallardian quad pilot and a high-ranked raptor yielded this peculiar birthday gift. A machine gun that fires ruby-tipped sniper bullets. Each stamped with a small heart.
T9 Gun of the Danes Big, slow, effective. Like the kennel bred shock troops that once used it.
T10 Puckle’s Courage 'All dogs go to heaven.' -Captain Cornish Puckle, upon being surrounded by a full canine infantry division.
ELEM Frost Dagger A mysterious weapon with an owl insignia that fires quick bursts of knife-like shards.
ELEM Gattling Cobra The ammunition contained embeded ampules of a venom that eats through metal.
ELEM Life Ender This was once used to save innocents from raging fires. How times have changed.
ELEM Spirit Flame Legends speak of three gathering flames that once granted travellers with the power of an axe.
ELEM Wattson’s Fury Alberd Wattson built this gun out of spite when a fellow scientist mocked him. Their duel ended in a flash.
UT Apache The heavy gauge dual ammo encasements led to cost overruns. Only a sample of this weapon remain. (Tap to fire missiles, hold to spray bullets.)
UT Piercing Frost A miniaturized blizzard generator. Useful against groups.
UT The Spitting Cat Dog troopers are punished severely if they call this gun by its informal name.
UT Undertaker Used to punish those who claim dominion while only knowing the world's surface.
UT Unfriendly Duo Two guns named after a famous pair of criminals. When one of them died, the other began fighting using both of their guns.


Item Description
T0 Training Shotgun At short range, you can’t miss
T1 Wrecked Shotgun Perhaps someone's great great great grandfather owned this.
T2 Lead Shotgun It doesn't fire often, but it packs a punch.
T3 Rifled Shotgun Barns don't stand a chance.
T4 Bloody Shotgun Once upon a time, this was used to hunt birds.
T5 Royal Shotgun Perfect for hunting nobility.
T6 Uranium Shotgun Birdshot is better when it glows.
T7 Marshall Shotgun Breaking the law. Breaking the law.
T8 Lurker Shotgun Looks innocent enough. Till it goes BOOM.
T9 Nightwatch Shotgun In ancient times, the Feline Guard used this to protect against wild raptors.
T10 Watchmaker’s Shotgun Tick. Tock. You've been shot.
ELEM Electro Shotgun What happens when you fire explosive batteries? Mad science.
ELEM Hydro Shot When the cats launched their first attempt to take Rebel City, the Hydro Shot wielded by Little Maniac Tim saved the day.
ELEM Fire Shotgun The smoking barrel has flames etched on the side. Cool. Even cooler with the matching leather jacket.
ELEM Poison Splatter Inspired by how a baby bird pecks the mommy bird's throat in order to regurgitate a meal.
ELEM Frost Bite In the high Alps, a flock of snow owls delved into secrets no bird should know. Blueprints for this weapon were discovered amidst their powdered bones.
UT Combat Shotgun A deadly riot weapon. Outlawed due to its infamous use during the Charawol incidents.
UT Doomsday Mammoth-shaped side cannons.
UT Last Smoke Ceremonial gun of the Imperial firing squad. Reserved for execution of high level dissidents.
UT Twisted Backshot A double barreled shotgun. Ornate spiral barrels engraved by Sarah Wilton herself.