Acid Cloud

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Acid Cloud
Used By Old Faithful
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 25
Duration 8-7.5 seconds
Cooldown 3 seconds

Acid Cloud is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Acid Cloud dispenses an acidic cloud, then immediately begins its cooldown. Enemies take 10% of ability DPS (scaling with the Damage stat) every 0.1 seconds while they are within the cloud.

Clouds produced by Acid Cloud abilities can be stacked on top of each other (as well as those produced by Propeller Blast abilities) to increase effective DPS on enemies within the region of overlap. As the ability's duration is much longer than its cooldown, such stacking can easily be obtained even by a lone Old Faithful.


Name DPS Cloud Radius Lifetime Maximum Damage Description
Tier 0 Trivial Acid 15 1.6-2 8 120 Drops a cloud of acid that enemy planes fly through.
Tier 1 Light Acid 30 1.6-2 8 240 Invisible to most forms of mechanically augmented vision, this formulation gently erodes exposed wire couplings and sheathes.
Tier 2 Jungle Acid 45 1.6-2 8 360 Acid weapons, once banned, returned in the post-gyptian dark ages. Desperate warlords, abandoning the honor codes of their forebears, performed the rituals necessary to reforge old alliances with the jungle snake castes.
Tier 3 Heavy Acid 60 1.6-2 8 480 The Duchess of Rogspoffen, passed a partial ban in 1792 in name of her acid-crippled son (Wirkle Rogspoffen). However, equatorial pirates still maintained substantial black market production lines.
Tier 4 Molecular Acid 75 1.6-2 8 600 A few remaining snake cultists produce most of our annual supply of acidic toxins. The Imperial spider farms up in northern Oz yield a stickier, more corrosive blend.
Tier 5 Metal Acid 90 1.6-2.4 8 720 The uplift process (See 'Intervention Theory' for full debate) was wildly successful with most mammals and birds. Reptiles and insect both gained raw intelligence, but are quite alien in their culture and thought processes. Alliances with the Republic remained fraught. The current Empire prefers outright slavery or eradication.
Tier 6 Triple Acid 105 2-2.4 7.5 787.5 High Command assume the emissary from the snake clan was a shaman of some sort, perhaps esteemed in their social order. Merely being too long in the creature's presence resulted in euphoria, vomiting and prophetic visions.
Tier 7 Doom Acid 120 2-2.4 7.5 900 When negotiating the Rebel-Elapid Pact, our leadership participated in a binding ritual. We now find ourselves compelled to find and destroy Imperial poison camps. The pain of each enslaved snake sends sharp tendrils through our dreams. It must end.
Tier 8 Nuclear Acid 135 2-2.8 7.5 1012.5 Imperial scientists exposed their immobilized snake prisoners to a wide variety of adjuvants, including nuclear and archaeological substances. There are recovered reports of laboratory assistants developing fangs for eyes and walls that bled molten gold.
Tier 9 Facemelter Acid 150 2-2.8 7.5 1125 It is impossible to rule out that reptile-kind may wield extra-dimensional abilities. Research notes from the last Awakening mention similar phenomena, especially related to older artifacts dug up from the deepest watery ruins.
Tier 10 Ultra Acid 165 2-2.8 7.5 1237.5 What if each mind could share, not only the thoughts of all other castelings, but also the Hunger? The glorious unending Hunger.