Aqua Spheres

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Aqua Spheres
Type Special Wasp
Variant Count 2
Source Kai
Fusion Material Dark Steel

Aqua Spheres is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.

T10 Stats

T9 variants have 90% of the T10 variant's damage values.

Shots Physical RoF Range Offset Description
3 9.9 + 3.3 Water 10 0 2.2 Water orbs suspended with energy. Inside of them is immense pressure.


  • Aqua Spheres projects three stationary purple bullets around one's aircraft with 120° spacing, with one always in front of the player.
  • Unlike traditional Wasps, the bullets are spaced too far apart to hit most targets when sitting on top of them.
  • Aqua Spheres' bullets have offset instead of range. This means that using it on a Dagger Knight with Shield Blast will not modify their placement. However, the weapon does not benefit much from Shield Blast due to its lack of ammo and sitting potential.


  • Aqua Spheres' bullet pattern is an imitation of the Hydrospheres used by Kai.


Aqua Spheres.gif