Aura of Defense

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Aura of Defense
Used By Shieldmaiden
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 70
Duration 11.5-21.5 seconds
Cooldown 13 seconds

Aura of Defense is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Aura of Defense deploys a large cloud around the caster with a 5-unit final radius, then immediately begins its cooldown. This cloud, which follows the caster as they move, continuously grants a buff to all players within its area of effect (including the caster) which reduces damage received by 33% (stacking multiplicatively with other sources of damage reduction).

The buff granted by Aura of Defense clouds can only be applied once; overlapping Aura of Defense clouds have no additional effect.


Name Damage Reduction Lifetime Description
Tier 0 Aura of Defense 33% 11.5 Some say the chatter of nearby weapons is muted when enabled.
Tier 1 12.5 Enhanced efficiency makes the protection slightly longer.
Tier 2 13.5 If the enemy were smart, they would redouble their efforts.
Tier 3 14.5 It's not known whether it strengthens armor or endows incoming projectiles with healing power.
Tier 4 15.5 It's true that defense auras have changed the tide of important battles.
Tier 5 16.5 Sharp-tongued parents seek to equip their children with the best resistance available.
Tier 6 17.5 When the device is charged, there's a tingling that runs along the base of one's feathers.
Tier 7 18.5 Initial prototypes threw up huge visible power lines, making the pilot a target for miles, and unable to see worth a darn.
Tier 8 19.5 It's only a short distance to the ground, if you measure by time.
Tier 9 20.5 Polishing the lens on the defense projector is item 64 in the pre-flight checklist.
Tier 10 21.5 Nothing is more striking in the clubhouse than a top hat paired with a personal defense device.