Aura of Healing

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Aura of Healing
Aura of Healing T8.png
Used By Paladin
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 70
Duration 10 seconds
Cooldown 13 seconds

Gradually heals nearby allies.

Aura of Healing is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Aura of Healing deploys a cloud with a 5-unit final radius around the caster and immediately begins its cooldown. This cloud, which follows the caster as they move, grants 10% of ability HPS as armor every 0.1 seconds to all players within its area of effect (including the caster and any players within a death spiral).

The effects of Aura of Healing clouds can only be applied once to a given player at a time. If a player is within the area of overlap of two or more Aura of Healing clouds, only the cloud with the highest HPS applies its effects to that player. Heal Aura blasts, however, may be stacked on top of Aura of Healing clouds without any restrictions.


HPS Maximum Healing
Tier 0 1.5 15
Tier 1 1.7 17
Tier 2 1.9 19
Tier 3 2.2 22
Tier 4 2.6 26
Tier 5 2.8 28
Tier 6 3.0 30
Tier 7 3.2 32
Tier 8 3.4 34
Tier 9 3.6 36
Tier 10 3.8 38