Combat Shotgun

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Combat Shotgun
Type Crafted Shotgun
Variant Count 3
Source Crafting
Fusion Material White Steel

Combat Shotgun is a Crafted Weapon.

Simplified T10 Stats

The following table summarizes what is displayed by the weapon's tooltip. T8 and T9 variants have, respectively, 80% and 90% of the T10 variant's damage values.

Shots Physical RoF Range Description
6 109.1 + 3.9 Ice 3 7 A deadly riot weapon. Outlawed due to its infamous use during the Charawol incidents.

Full T10 Stats

Shots Visible? Physical RoF Range Ammo (Threshold) Cooldown Description
6 Yes 11.64 + 3.88 Ice 3 7 7 (7.166...) 4 A deadly riot weapon. Outlawed due to its infamous use during the Charawol incidents.
1 No 32.5 3.85
1 No 65 1.4
  • Visible bullets are randomly distributed within a 20° cone of fire.
  • The two single-bullet rows describe, respectively, the close-range-bonus-damage and point-blank-bonus-damage effects for this weapon.
  • None of the weapon's bullets are able to pierce through enemies.
  • The damage total listed in the simplified weapon stats is accurate for cases in which the player hits an enemy with exactly two invisible bullets and one visible bullet.


  • Compared to Watchmaker's Shotgun (T10 Shotgun), T10 Combat Shotgun takes ~200% longer to reload. However, the SPEC weapon trades a 50° firing arc for a 20° cone of fire (resulting in greatly improved accuracy), has 25% faster visible bullets (but 20% less visible bullet lifetime), deals 4% more damage with invisible bullets, and can fire 250% more bursts before needing to reload.
    • Regardless of the applied elemental damage upgrades, one full burst of visible bullets from T10 Combat Shotgun deals ~34% less damage than one from Watchmaker's Shotgun.


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