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Crafting is unlocked once you reach level 20 on an aircraft for the first time. The crafting system, accessed at the Workshop, allows you to create new pieces of equipment (using craft recipes) or upgrade the attack power of existing elemental and special equipment (using fusion recipes). Crafting materials are acquired from Pilot's Pub hourly missions (Copper) and daily bounties (ELEM and Dark Steels). They can be invested in crafting recipes as they are acquired, freeing up storage space for other items.

When you accept a crafting recipe, you then can deposit items in the recipe. You don't need to have them all at once to craft. Recipes cannot be cancelled. But there’s no downside to accepting extra recipes, but expect some visual clutter if you do so. Note that if you have an item that can be used in a crafting recipe, the crafting recipe will turn yellow (or green if the recipe can be completed with the crafting materials in your cargo hold) and move to the top of the menu.

Items currently used for crafting are Copper, Blue/Dark/Purple/Red/Yellow/White Steels, and ultra-rare/elemental weapons (see bounties). You can also acquire gems from some dungeons to craft epic trails for your plane.

Fusion Recipes

Fusion recipes, available for Elemental (ELEM) weapons and armor and Special (SPEC) weapons other than Scythe of Zed, allow players to infuse crafting steels into a piece of equipment and raise its item rank (and rarity) by 1, increasing its power. The following table summarizes the fusion recipes for valid items as well as the resulting item ranks and rarities.

Rarity and Fusion Costs

Type T8 Rarity T8 Power T8-T9 Cost T9 Rarity T9 Power T9-T10 Cost T10 Rarity T10 Power
ELEM Weapon Common (I) 80% 3 ELEM Steel Rare (II) 90% 5 ELEM Steel Epic (III) 100%
ELEM Armor Common (I) +24/+14% 3 ELEM Steel Rare (II) +27/+17% 5 ELEM Steel Epic (III) +30/+20%
Crafted SPEC Weapon Rare (I) 80% 3 ELEM Steel Epic (II) 90% 5 ELEM Steel Legendary (III) 100%
Looted SPEC Weapon - - - Epic (I) 90% 8 Dark Steel Legendary (II) 100%
  • ELEM Steel refers to Blue/Purple/Red/White/Yellow Steels, which are, respectively, used to upgrade Water/Poison/Fire/Ice/Lightning weapons and armor.
    • ELEM Steel type for Crafted SPECs is the same as the type used to craft the initial SPEC I versions (see List of Craft Recipes).

List of Craft Recipes



  • Black Armor: 2 Copper Copper.png
  • Storm Armor II: 3 Blue Steel Blue Steel.png + Storm Armor I Armor2.png
  • Storm Armor III: 5 Blue Steel Blue Steel.png + Storm Armor II Armor2.png
  • Fire Cladding II: 3 Red Steel Red Steel.png + Fire Cladding I Armor2.png
  • Fire Cladding III: 5 Red Steel Red Steel.png + Fire Cladding II Armor2.png
  • Ice Mirror II: 3 White Steel White Steel.png + Ice Mirror I Armor2.png
  • Ice Mirror III: 5 White Steel White Steel.png + Ice Mirror II Armor2.png
  • Tesla Armor II: 3 Yellow Steel Yellow Steel.png + Tesla Armor I Armor2.png
  • Tesla Armor III: 5 Yellow Steel Yellow Steel.png + Tesla Armor II Armor2.png
  • Poison Armor II: 3 Purple Steel Purple Steel.png + Poison Armor I Armor2.png
  • Poison Armor III: 5 Purple Steel Purple Steel.png + Poison Armor II Armor2.png




Machine Guns






  • Vault Trail: 5 Vault Gem
  • Arena Trail: 5 Cubic Gem
  • Doomsday Trail: 5 Doom Gem
  • Venom Trail: 5 Venom Gem
  • Owl Trail: 5 Frozen Gem
  • Deep Ones Trail: 5 Water Gem
  • Phoenix Trail: 5 Flame Gem
  • Cultist Trail: 5 Occult Gem
  • Soul Trail: 5 Soul Gem