Crypt of Cathulhu

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Ancient Temple of the Deep Ones

The Crypt of Cathulhu is a tier 9 difficulty dungeon that has a chance to drop from Noble Politician. It is a source of Heat Reflectors.

This dungeon has Water Elemental Attacks, so it is recommended to wear Storm Armor and Lightning Elemental Weapons.


Crypt of Cathulhu Key.png The Crypt of Cathulhu Mission Key is available in the Shop for 1500 Gold.png


Crypt of cathulhu ss.PNG


  • Psychopus Eye
  • Laser Eye
  • Tesla Eye
  • Gazer Gazer.png
  • Watcher
  • Scanner Scanner.png
  • Cat Eye
  • Popper
  • Mini Popper
  • Miniboss: Psychopus (x2)




Drops of Interest

Item Drops From
Tier 8 Equipment Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Tier 9 Equipment Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Heat Reflector Heat Reflector.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Heavy Caulk Heavy Caulk.png Psychopus

Treasure Treasure.png

Self-Repair Juice Self-Repair Juice.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Fire Cladding Armor2.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Viper Arc.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Water Gem Water Gem.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png

Tips and Strategies

  • Gazers fire lasers that appear to be one shot, but are actually 5 shots stacked close to one another. Taking full damage from one can bring even a maxed plane to half HP.
  • Try to keep your distance away from Scanners as they can easily do a lot of damage if you are in their range.
  • Cyclopus has a chance to spawn in a room with an array of rotating lasers. In this case, use hit-and-run tactics to quickly deal damage to the boss and retreat.