Crypt of Cathulhu

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Ancient Temple of the Deep Ones

The Crypt of Cathulhu is a Tier 9 difficulty dungeon. It is a source of Heat Reflectors and the Abyssal Eye ingredient.

This dungeon has Water Elemental Attacks, so it is recommended to equip a Storm Armor and Lightning Elemental weapons.


Crypt of Cathulhu Key.png The Crypt of Cathulhu Mission Key is available in the Shop for 1500 Gold.png


Crypt of cathulhu ss.PNG


  • Psychopus Eye
  • Laser Eye
  • Tesla Eye
  • Gazer Gazer.png
  • Watcher
  • Scanner Scanner.png
  • Cat Eye
  • Popper
  • Mini Popper
  • Miniboss: Psychopus (x2)




Drops of Interest

Item Drops From
Tier 8 Equipment Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Tier 9 Equipment Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Heat Reflector Heat Reflector.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Heavy Caulk Heavy Caulk.png Psychopus

Treasure Treasure.png

Abyssal Eye Cyclopus Eyeboss.png

Treasure Treasure.png

Self-Repair Juice Self-Repair Juice.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Fire Cladding Armor2.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Viper Arc.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png
Water Gem Water Gem.png Cyclopus Eyeboss.png

Tips and Strategies

  • Gazers fire lasers that appear to be one shot, but are actually 5 shots stacked close to one another. Taking full damage from one can bring even a maxed plane to half HP.
  • Try to keep your distance from Scanners as they can easily do a lot of damage if you are in their range.
  • Cyclopus has a chance to spawn in a room with an array of rotating lasers. In this case, use hit-and-run tactics to quickly deal damage to the boss and retreat.