Doctor Notra

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Doctor Notra
Type Island Boss
Location The Island
Level (Tier) 20 (10)
HP 37,800
XP 9,972
Element None
Misc Notes
Immune to Confuse Effect
+25% Camera View within 25 units

Portrait Notra.png

"What is morality when progress is all that matters?"

Doctor Notra is a Tier 10 Island boss located in Imperial City.

The Battle

Doctor Notra is a mobile boss that fires small bullets that are much stronger than their size would suggest, as just taking three or four hits in quick succession could be the end for an unmaxed plane. Doctor Notra has invulnerability periods that simply flicker on and off after a certain HP threshold is reached or a certain period of time has passed, instead of being related to spawned minions.

Phase 1

During first part of the first phase, Doctor Notra is stationary and fires a few of these bullets outwards in every direction and occasionally releases a burst of extra bullets, while sometimes spawning two assistants that fire similarly small yet powerful bullets, some of which inflict a significant slow effect. In the second part of the first phase, Doctor Notra targets the closest player and rushes towards them, releasing many large, high-damage, short-lived stars from the front that will easily shred through any plane that attempts to tank it, which the exception of those with massive damage reduction. During this phase, it is recommended to swap to a speed engine and move quickly to the side. Notra's turn rate is quite low, so players should be able to dodge it without too much of a problem if they pay attention and know the warning signs of this part of the phase. This entire phase repeats until a certain HP threshold for phase 2 is reached.

Phase 2

After lowering Doctor Notra's HP to 25%, it becomes stationary, similar to the first part of the first phase. However, unlike the first part of the first phase, Doctor Notra also releases three extra, permanently invulnerable minions that move out while firing bullets, fire an extremely high damage radial shotgun, and move back into Notra while firing more bullets. The invulnerable minions follow this pattern without any deviance, even in the route they take and their destinations, so they are very predictable. Just don't sit on them when they fire their radial shotgun, you will crash.

The Loot

Warning icon.png Notes on Drops: Warning icon.png
  • Percentages aren't always exact. Some are based on patterns. Some are even just estimates.
  • Values shown are "chance for this item to drop on any given kill" with one exception:
    • Where "one of many" can drop (e.g. T10s, ELEM weapons), they all show the total chance that any of them will drop.
Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Drop Chance
Whale Oil.png
Whale Oil
1-2 Upgrade 100%
Tier 8 Equipment 1 Tiered ?
Tier 9 Equipment 1 Tiered 5%
Plasma Shiv
1 SPEC 0.33%
Imperial Data Core 3 Ingredient 100%