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Dungeon Modifiers are sets of buffs and debuffs applied to all planes in Tier 10 dungeons. Mods will be “Normal” 60% of the time, “Difficult” 30% of the time, and “Lethal” 10% of the time.

  • "Normal" mods change the players' approach to the dungeon, while keeping the overall difficulty relatively the same.
  • "Difficult" mods increase dungeon difficulty while giving 2x upgrade drops and 2x chance of other drops.
  • "Lethal" mods drastically increase dungeon difficulty while providing the best rewards, with 2x upgrade drops and 4x chance of other drops.

Dungeons that consist solely of a boss battle like Iron Lair or Meowza do not have modifiers.

Normal Modifiers

Name Buff Debuff
Acrobatics -50% Maneuver Steam Cost +20% Damage Taken
Bogged Down -25% Superspeed
Disoriented Minimap Disabled
Eager to Help -35% Secondary Steam Cost +20% Damage Taken
Float like a Butterfly +30% Gun Damage +30% Damage Taken
Hunt and Peck +25% Gun Damage -50% Rate of Fire
In your Face +20% Gun Damage -40% Gun Range
Itchy Trigger +30% Rate of Fire, +30% Ammo, -30% Cooldown -30% Gun Damage
Restless +25% Superspeed -50% Armor Regen
Touchy +30% Armor Regen +20% Damage Taken

Difficult Modifiers

Name Buff Debuff
Constrained -50% Steam
Exhausted -100% Steam Regen
Extremely Touchy +70% Armor Regen +40% Damage Taken
Fast Learner +25% XP +35% Damage Taken
Nearsighted -35% Camera View, Minimap Disabled
Rush Hour +50% Superspeed +35% Damage Taken

Lethal Modifiers

Name Buff Debuff
Broken Axis -25% Maneuver Steam Cost -65% Max Turn Rate (for planes)
-85% Max Turn Rate (for hovercraft)
Dead to the World -95% Steam, +20% Damage Taken
Enfeebled +80% Damage Taken
Insomniac -100% Armor Regen, -100% Steam Regen, -30% Superspeed, +25% Damage Taken
Too Hot to Handle +250% Superspeed -15% Camera View, +50% Damage Taken