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Dungeons are thematic, instanced labyrinths on The Island that are filled with unique enemies, traps, and a final boss. For Level 20 players, in addition to fighting high-level Setpiece and Event Bosses, dungeons provide a more challenging, but also more rewarding means of endgame progression.

Tutorial Dungeons

Tutorial dungeons are designed to introduce players to the game and dungeons in general, and only have a couple of rooms and enemies as a result.

Leveling Dungeons

Leveling dungeons are dropped from low-level squad leaders and bosses, offer superior equipment compared to the zones in which their entrances appear. Though equipment items obtained enemies and Treasures tend to drop at the dungeon's tier, those obtained from bosses and Big Treasures (when the damage threshold is met) tend to drop at 2 tiers above the dungeon tier.

Elder Game Dungeons

Elder game dungeons are meant to challenge players who have attained level 20 and have at least a full set of Tier 8 equipment. In addition to housing Upgrades, these dungeons hold Elemental (ELEM) and Ultra Rare (UR) equipment which cannot be found elsewhere.