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Engines are a type of equipment in Steambirds Alliance. When equipped, engines enhance one of 3 stats: Armor Self-Repair rate, Steam Recharge rate, or Gun Damage.

Tip: Carrying an extra engine in one's inventory and swapping to it via hotkey allows attentive players to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Most aircraft will use a Damage Engine as their default, but can benefit from having at least one other engine available.

  • Swap to a Steam Recharge Engine if you're heavily dependent on your Secondary, like Medic or Engineer.
  • Swap to an Armor Self-Repair Engine if you're tanking bullets as Hog, or just to boost your own survival.

Engines also have their own class of Pilot Skills, listed here.

Starter Engine

The most balanced engine in the game.

Item Rank Name Description
Tier 0 Stock Engine Rolled off the factory line like this.

Armor Self-Repair Engines

Engines boosting Armor Self-Repair are distinguished by their green nacelles. A Tier 1 Armor Self-Repair Engine is the second piece of equipment looted by new players.

Item Rank Name Armor Self-Repair
Tier 1 Engine of Repair +25%
Tier 2 Engine of Greater Repair +30%
Tier 3 Engine of Superior Repair +35%
Tier 4 Engine of Rapid Repair +40%
Tier 5 Fusion Engine of Repair +45%
Tier 6 Robo Medic +50%
Tier 7 Crab Medic +55%
Tier 8 Dr. Mary's Rat Engineer Unit +60%
Tier 9 Octo Medic +65%
Tier 10 Immortal's Stone Armor Engine T10.png +70%

Steam Recharge Engines

Engines boosting Steam Recharge are distinguished by their blue nacelles.

Item Rank Name Steam Recharge
Tier 1 Engine of Power +9%
Tier 2 Engine of Greater Power +18%
Tier 3 Engine of Superior Power +27%
Tier 4 Engine of Vast Power +36%
Tier 5 Steam Core +45%
Tier 6 Plasma Core +54%
Tier 7 Magma Core +63%
Tier 8 Hydrolic Core +72%
Tier 9 Molten Ice Core +81%
Tier 10 Phoenix Core Steam Engine T10.png +90%

Damage Engines

Engines boosting Damage modifier are distinguished by their purple nacelles. A Tier 1 Damage Engine is the first piece of equipment looted by new players.

Item Rank Name Damage Description
Tier 1 Attack Engine +7% Optimized for extra damage.
Tier 2 War Engine +14% Military-grade and built for lethal force.
Tier 3 Mercenary Engine +21% Dangerously modified for ruthless attack output.
Tier 4 Engine of Destruction +28% Belches wreckage in its wake.
Tier 5 Chaos Engine +35% The louvered jets keep most of the dark matter exhaust away from the cockpit.
Tier 6 Calamity Engine +42% Tragic misfortunes surround its victims. The sort that doesn't show up on after-action reports.
Tier 7 Maw of Doom Engine +49% Hellish in both form and function.
Tier 8 Death Engine +56% It rides a pale chassis.
Tier 9 Blood Singularity Engine +63% The measuring the destructive output of this engine has stumped our best statisticians.
Tier 10 Black Hole Engine Damage Engine T10.png +70% There is no escape.

Removed Content

Speed Engines

Engines boosting Superspeed are distinguished by their red nacelles. A Tier 1 Speed Engine used to be the second piece of equipment looted by new players. As of the 3/13/20 More Together update, Speed Engines are no longer in the game.

Item Rank Name Super Speed Description
Tier 1 Sport Engine +7% Tuned up with a few extras for weekend racers.
Tier 2 Turbocharged Engine +14% The compressor's signature whistle always turns heads.
Tier 3 Supercharged Engine +21% An old school approach to injecting high pressure air into the engine with oversized intakes.
Tier 4 Overclocked Engine +28% Water cooling, heat sink, and RGB LEDs squeeze every ounce of performance out of this engine.
Tier 5 Eurasian Hobby Engine +35% One of the fastest natural flight engines, not counting vertical dives.
Tier 6 Peregrine Engine +42% The very fastest natural flight engine ever recorded.
Tier 7 Road Runner Engine +49% Violates several laws of physics for the sake of speed.
Tier 8 Terminal Velocity Engine +56% Often the last engine pilots ever fly.
Tier 9 Time Dilation Engine +63% Approaching relativistic speeds at which the Lorentz factor makes measurement tricky.
Tier 10 Fusion Thrusters Speed Engine T10.png +70% You are a buttery smear of light on a toasted baguette.