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How do I get stars next to my name?

Earn stars by gaining experience and increasing your Pilot Level. Stars are attained at the following levels:

  • 20 – Bronze Star
  • 40 – Bronze Star with border
  • 76 – Silver Star
  • 146 – Gold Star
  • 196 – Golden Bird Insignia

Stars do not give any special benefits, they are only for recognition.

How do I sell stuff?

There is no traditional selling in Steambirds. You either recycle items you don’t want, or you can trade items to other players.

How do I use my abilities?

All aircraft have 2 abilities that require Steam to be used. First is the Maneuver, a movement ability activated by pressing E. The second is the Secondary Ability, which can buff, shield or heal yourself and other players depending on the ability, activated by pressing F. In addition, all aircraft have 2 slots for Primary Weapons. Swap to your secondary weapon by pressing Q.

Secondary Abilities and Maneuvers are disabled while in Rebel City as part of anti-lag measures.

How do I get back to Rebel City?

Hitting Backspace will teleport your plane at any time back to Rebel City after a 3-second delay. Consider rebinding it to a more convenient key to quickly avoid situations you aren’t prepared for.

How do I teleport to other players?

There are multiple ways to teleport. You can type /teleport name, you can hit Tab, find the person under Nearby Allies and select Teleport, or you can find the person’s green icon on the map and click on it. If the player has a name you have trouble typing, you can also open Chat using Enter, clicking on the person's name and choosing Teleport.

There are some limitations to teleporting: you cannot teleport to anyone who has entered a dungeon, and other times, teleporting will simply not work due to anti-lag measures put in place to limit the amount of tracking your client does on other players.

How do I friend someone?

You can add someone as a friend by typing /friend name, or by hitting Tab, finding the person under Nearby Allies, and selecting Add Friend. If someone pings their location in the Island, you can open up chat and click on their name to quickly add them as a friend. This is particularly useful for player names in other languages. There is no limit to how many friends you can have, and the other person doesn't need to add you as a friend for you to friend them. Teleporting to friends is very convenient, as your client tracks their location regardless of where you are in the game.

How do I announce that I’m at a boss?

Hit Y to ping your location. If you are not near any enemies or objectives, this will result in the message, “Rally to me!”, inviting other players to teleport to you. If you are near an enemy, boss or quest location, the ping will change accordingly, resulting in “At Ambassador!”, “At Coin Cache!”, etc.

What is Recycling?

Recycling destroys any item and gives you Scrap in return, which allows you to Reforge items if they are damaged, or Supercharge them to give them extra benefits. The Recycle key, ` (next to 1), automatically destroys every item that is T8 or below. T9 and higher items need to be manually recycled by left-clicking and choosing Recycle. If there is a T8 or lower item you don’t want to automatically recycle, you can Favorite the item by left-clicking and choosing Favorite.

How do I trade?

You can trade with other players by either typing /trade playername, or by hitting Tab, finding the person under Nearby Allies, and selecting Trade. If you initiate a trade, you need to hold still and wait for the other person to come to you. If you move you will cancel the trade. If someone else initiates a trade with you, you can trade with them regardless of distance by typing /trade in response.

How do I trade Steels?

  • You can’t trade Steels normally. However, if you have access to the Workshop (attained by reaching Level 20 with any aircraft), you can [Crafting|craft]] items with the Steels and sell those.
  • You can also sell upgrade services. For instance, if you have 3 Red Steels, you can upgrade a base level Red Steel weapon, like Blade Wing I, to Level II. Another player can trade you their Blade Wing, you use your 3 Steels to upgrade it to Level II, then you trade it back to them as they pay you the fee.
  • You can only upgrade Crafted or Elemental weapons when you have either 3 or 5 of the right Steel, for Levels II and III respectively; any less and it won’t be possible to upgrade the item. Dark Steels are an exception, and can only be “sold” when you have 8 of them.
  • Finally, if this sounds like a good way to scam someone, don’t. Your reputation will most certainly be dragged through the mud, and nobody will trade with you again. So don’t do it.

How do I earn Gold?

Gold can be purchased with real money from the Store in Rebel City, or it can be acquired from other players through item trading.

Is this game Pay2Win?

No. A more accurate term is Pay4Convenience. You may purchase additional hangar slots, skill loadouts and storage space with Gold from the in-game Store, but none of these give any advantage in combat. Even pure F2P players can acquire an additional Hangar Slot and 12 extra Storage slots just by leveling up, as well as earn Gold by trading items.

What do I do if I lag during Meowza/other boss fights?

Assuming it’s not server lag, try turning off Shadows in the Graphics menu for a significant boost to FPS without impacting the game’s quality too much.

What is the best class?

The non-competitive nature of SBA means you are free to play whatever class you enjoy most. Every class is capable of dealing enough damage to earn loot from any boss, so you are encouraged to try every class at least once, and play the one that fits you best.

What do I do after Level 20?

  • Get full T8 equipment from Noble Estates/Imperial City or Setpiece bosses.
  • Farm Setpiece bosses like Noble Politician, Ambassador and Doctor Notra for elemental defense upgrades until you max.
  • Farm much harder Event bosses like Rei, Kai and Jinn for elemental damage upgrades until you max.
  • Enter dungeons dropped by said bosses for a chance to obtain T9 or better gear. Elemental dungeons drop corresponding elemental gear. What weapons you want depends on your class and what you like to use.
  • Rarer upgrades, like Barrel Dopant, Armor Stiffeners and Self-Repair Juice, as well as T10 gear drop most frequently from M1, 3 Brothers and M2, the hardest content in the game.
  • Farm said content until your plane is max, and upgrade any ELEM or SPEC weapons you have using Steels earned by doing Bounties.