Heal Aura

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Heal Aura
Used By Medic
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 48-50
Duration 0.5 seconds
Cooldown 3 seconds

Heal Aura is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Heal Aura emits a regenerative blast with a 6-unit base radius (modified by Cloud Radius modifiers), then immediately begins its cooldown. Players caught in the blast, including the caster and those within a death spiral, gain 10% of the ability's HPS as armor for every 0.1 seconds that they spend in the blast.

Heal Aura blasts can stacked on top of each other (and with one Aura of Healing cloud) to increase effective HPS on allies in the region of overlap.


Name HPS Maximum Healing Steam Cost Description
Tier 0 Healthful Aura 11 5.5 48 Hovering micro-mechanics that repair damaged allies.
Tier 1 Heal Aura 14.3 7.15 50 Auras. We treat these as the most mundane of technologies. The micro-manufacturing, the energy field generators; all of these various species have used for hundreds of years. Yet even our most advanced coggers could not fully describe why they work.
Tier 2 Mercy Aura 17.6 8.8 50 One theory states we live in an extra-dimensional timescape. Where an objects [sic] exists in a continuum of states, both destroyed and not destroyed. The aura then forces our reality to remember a time before it was damaged. Pragmatists scoff; all that matters is it works.
Tier 3 Super Heal Aura 22 11 50 Technology exists in layers of history. After the Intervention, we discovered language, sticks, levers and wheels. Then cogs, orbitals and steam. And chemistry, atomics, hotboxes. But with each new discovery, we still use the old inventions. Mixed up, mashed up, augmented. Thousands of years of mundane innovation form the essential unspoken foundation that civilization rests upon.
Tier 4 Mega Heal Aura 26.4 13.2 50 There was a period after the old gyptians when auras were a lost tech. Grubbers would find working examples in various 'miraculous' artifacts. The Amber Rib and its healing wounds. The Crying Creche. But attempts to independently replicate the repair process always failed.
Tier 5 Repair Aura 30.8 15.4 50 Auras didn't return to production status until the advent of workable fusion combined with the well-understood reliability of steam engines. The underlying techniques required an explosive persistence of mechanical energy (see Eival-Dogson Work Function, 1202) that simply did not exist in the natural world.
Tier 6 Mega Repair Aura 36.3 18.15 50 There are those who hoped aura research would lead to immortality. Old dying creatures whose lives brim with regrets cannot help but fantasize. But the repair process stubbornly fails to operate on flesh.
Tier 7 Overhaul Aura 39.6 19.8 50 Young coggers are taught about auras in maybe their second year of training. How you wire up the hotbox. How you prep the gnat beds. Every student has smashed a lab glass, flicked on the field and watched it reassembled to pristine condition.
Tier 8 Fortress Aura 48.4 24.2 50 In the early days of the Republic, it was fashionable to embed immense aura generators in fortress foundations. The reality of the fortress constantly 'remembered' being undamaged and thus was functionally indestructible. The successful replication of anti-aura mines derived from the sealed western continents put this practice to an end.
Tier 9 Aura of Caduceus 55 27.5 50 With the fall of the Republic, traditional aura research has barely evolved. Meowza's obsession with elder technologies, however, has resulted in a new breed of auras that use elemental energies for both defense and offense.
Tier 10 Aura of Resurrection 61.6 30.8 50 I wish that no one would ever die. That there was no violent tragedy. But this is not that world. So we must instead be satisfied with rebirth.