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Type Squad Leader
Location The Island
Level (Tier) 20 (8)
HP 900
XP 172
Element None

Inquisitor is a tier 8 enemy located in Imperial City.


The Inquisitor chases down the closest player, firing 2 waves of bullets every 2 seconds.


Warning icon.png Notes on Drops: Warning icon.png
  • Percentages aren't always exact. Some are based on patterns. Some are even just estimates.
  • Values shown are "chance for this item to drop on any given kill" with one exception:
    • Where "one of many" can drop (e.g. T10s, ELEM weapons), they all show the total chance that any of them will drop.
Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Drop Chance
Tier 6 Equipment 1 Tiered
Tier 7 Equipment 1 Tiered


  • Every 2 seconds, the Inquisitor fires 2 waves of bullets.
    • Each wave contains 4 bullets which deal 8.85 deal, with the entire clip containing 8 bullets for 70.8 damage
  • The Inquisitor relentlessly chases down the player, even with a high tier speed engine
  • The Inquisitor can quickly drain the hitpoints of a plane if not defeated quicky.
  • Although deadly, the main weakness of the Inquisitor is its slow turn rate of 40 degrees per second.
    • If one is willing to take the risk, they can quickly get behind the Inquisitor before it can reload, allowing them to safely take down the Inquisitor