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Used By Raptor
Effect Type Spawn
Steam Cost 25
Duration 4 seconds
Cooldown 1 second

Mines is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Mines deploys a timed charge at the caster's location and immediately begins its cooldown. The charge detonates after a set duration, dealing light damage and heavily Slowing all enemies caught in the blast.


Name Damage Slow Duration Explosion Size Blast Radius Description
Tier 0 Aerial Mines ? ? 21.6 2.81 Dispenses floating mines that make a delicate ticking noise.
Tier 1 Humming Mines ? ? 22.56 2.93 The western continents have been sealed these long centuries by nested blockades of self replicating aerial mines. Our current versions are derived from delicately reversed [sic] engineered samples.
Tier 2 Rattler Mines ? ? 23.52 3.06 We have fragmented tales telling of a vast, paranoid kingdom that ruled the central land bridge connecting the northern and southern landmasses. At some point, they undertook the closing off of their borders. First land, then sea and finally air.
Tier 3 Singing Mines ? ? 24.48 3.18 The mines of the lost continents appear to communicate with one another; a form of singing that rises to a [sic] operatic crescendo as intruders get close. Some crude intelligence flows through the defensive network.
Tier 4 Copper Mines ? ? 25.44 3.31 Dispenses hand burnished copper explosives. They shine so prettily.
Tier 5 Double Mines ? ? 26.4 3.43 The outer shell explodes, crushing the inner shell. Such light!
Tier 6 Brass Mines ? ? 27.36 3.56 Dispenses heavily armored mines. So we don't repeat the incident that left General Beakerton blind.
Tier 7 Geared Mines ? ? 28.32 3.68 When the gear ratio matches up exactly with the encrypted key, three critical substances are auto-injected into the core.
Tier 8 Fission Mines ? ? 29.28 3.81 The fallout from mines like these does little for property values.
Tier 9 Fusion Mines ? ? 30.24 3.93 One small lad discovered that fusion is not just a low cost energy source.
Tier 10 Lava Mines ? ? 31.2 4.06 Sends shockwaves downward into the crust. Lava bursts forth.