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Missions are quests that can be completed after the tutorial. You can acquire them, as well as daily Bounties and Squad Missions, by going into the Pilot's Pub. Some missions can be automatically obtained by being at The Island.

Some missions (starting at level 7) can also give Iron and crafting materials. For missions that require you to kill certain enemies, the trigger is proximity based, so don’t wander too far when the enemy is about to die or it won’t count, even if you still get loot.

The in-game Store sells “special mission plans”, but those are actually consumable items that spawn a dungeon entrance.

Accepted missions can be managed on the fly using two hotkeys. On keyboard, press X to cycle the mission currently being tracked; press Z to open up the full list of accepted missions (note: this immobilizes one's aircraft until the list is closed).

Pilot's Pub Missions

Standard missions at the Pilot's Pub span a wide range of recommended aircraft Levels. New missions are added on the hour and can be completed within 3 hours after initial generation for XP, standard equipment and sometimes Iron and Copper. Once mission objectives have been completed, the player must return to the Pilot's Pub to claim mission rewards.

For missions with item objectives, the player has the option of handing in items one at a time rather than all at once. Mission items cannot be traded.

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards grant a small sum of Iron once per day. Weekdays give 100 Iron, weekends give 150.

Daily Rewards refresh at 5 pm PST.

Area Missions

Area missions are granted automatically to players when they enter specific locations.

Common Area Missions

Rare Area Missions

The Island sometimes generates with unique Setpieces holding a locked treasure which is guarded by enemies that normally only appear in a related dungeon. Area missions associated with these unmarked locations instruct players on how to unlock the treasure and thus gain a guaranteed T9 equipment item.


Bounties and Squad Missions are special daily missions that appear on set days and give Steels as rewards. Steels are used to craft/upgrade Elemental, Crafted and Special items. Mission previews are posted 3 days in advance on the “Upcoming Events” display, which is shown on login and can be accessed from the Options menu. Only 1 Bounty and Squad Mission can be completed per day.

Bounties refresh daily at 12 am PST.


Bounties arrive in bi-weekly cycles. Targets on the same row share the same week.

Day Target Area Steel Type
Monday Dr. Geckelston Dr.Gecklesten.png Home for Special Children Yellow Yellow Steel.png
Kai Kaiju.png The Island Blue Blue Steel.png
Tuesday Doomsday Mechanism DoomsdayMechanism.png Super Secret Base White White Steel.png
High Priestess Tiffany TempleBoss.png Temple of Bast Blue Blue Steel.png
Wednesday Poison God DragonSnake.png Venom Compound Purple Purple Steel.png
White Spider WhiteSpider.png The Island
Thursday Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png Reeducation Camp Red Red Steel.png
The Frozen Horror FrozenHorror.png Frozen Owl Monastery White White Steel.png
Friday Rei Thunderboss.png The Island Yellow Yellow Steel.png
Jinn RaijinNoSmoke.png Red Red Steel.png
Saturday Become Worthy of Treasure The Vaults 2x Non-Dark White Steel.png Yellow Steel.png Red Steel.png Purple Steel.png Blue Steel.png
Defend the Drill The Dig 2x Non-Dark White Steel.png Yellow Steel.png Red Steel.png Purple Steel.png Blue Steel.png
Sunday SN-Z SNZ.png Iron Lair Dark Dark Steel.png
Godleader Meowza Meowza.png The Great Leader's Command Center Dark Dark Steel.png

Squad Missions

Squad Missions only grant credit toward objectives while there are at least 2 allies nearby.

Day Targets Kill Quantity Steel Type
Monday Slave Driver
Estate GuardEstate Guard.png
20 Red Red Steel.png
Tuesday Highborn Marksman
Moneyed Duelist
20 Yellow Yellow Steel.png
Wednesday Retaliator Retaliator.PNG 7 White White Steel.png
Thursday Inquisitor Inquisitor.png
Assassin Assassin.png
20 Purple Purple Steel.png
Friday All Noble Estates/Imperial City squad leaders 100 Blue Blue Steel.png
Saturday Sentinel 7 2x Non-Dark White Steel.png Yellow Steel.png Red Steel.png Purple Steel.png Blue Steel.png
Sunday Grand Lion 7 Dark Dark Steel.png