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Missions are the primary activity in Steambirds Alliance. You can accept Missions by going to the Mission Transport at the northeastern corner of Rebel City. Choosing a mission will instantly teleport you to the appropriate place on the Island, and automatically put you in a squad if other players are present. When successful, all missions award experience, equipment for your plane, and Iron. Island missions that do not involve killing a boss will also award 3 ingredients for use in crafting.

The in-game Store sells “special mission plans”, but those are actually consumable items that spawn a dungeon entrance.

List of Missions

Note: Boss Arena Missions have over 100 different variations and as such is impractical to list them here.

Island Missions
Mission Level Mission Name Objective Rewards
Level 3 Easy Hunt: Scavenger Scanner Kill 7 Scavenger Scanner
Level 3 Easy Hunt: Klaxon Kill 10 Klaxon
Level 5 Exterminate Kill 15 Catipede
Level 7 "Ominous Shark Music" Kill 18 Whale Shark
Level 7 Killamari Kill 15 Dark Squid
Level 7 Fear the Farms Kill 9 Poison Lord
Boss Missions
Mission Level Mission Name Objective Rewards
Level 7 Boss: Fisher Crab Kill 1 Fisher Crab
Level 7 Boss: Time Ghost Kill 1 Time Ghost
Level 7 Boss: Big Dog Kill 1 Big Dog
Dungeon Missions
Mission Level Mission Name Objective Rewards
Level 7 Bomb Factory Find 1 The Bomb Maker

Pilot's Pub Missions

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards grant a small sum of Iron and refresh at 5 pm PST. Weekdays give 100 Iron, weekends give 150.


Bounties are special daily missions that appear on set days and give Elemental Steels as rewards. Steels are used to craft/upgrade Elemental, Crafted and Special items. Bounty previews are posted 3 days in advance on the “Upcoming Events” display, which is shown on login and can be accessed from the Options menu. Only 1 Bounty can be completed per day.

Bounties refresh daily at 12 am PST.

List of Bounties

Bounties arrive in bi-weekly cycles. Targets on the same row share the same week.

Day Target Area Steel Type
Monday Dr. Geckelston Dr.Gecklesten.png Home for Special Children 20 Yellow Yellow Steel.png
Kai Kaiju.png The Island 20 Blue Blue Steel.png
Tuesday Doomsday Mechanism DoomsdayMechanism.png Super Secret Base 20 White White Steel.png
High Priestess Tiffany TempleBoss.png Temple of Bast 20 Blue Blue Steel.png
Wednesday Poison God DragonSnake.png Venom Compound 20 Purple Purple Steel.png
White Spider WhiteSpider.png The Island
Thursday Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png Reeducation Camp 20 Red Red Steel.png
The Frozen Horror FrozenHorror.png Frozen Owl Monastery 20 White White Steel.png
Friday Rei Thunderboss.png The Island 20 Yellow Yellow Steel.png
Jinn RaijinNoSmoke.png 20 Red Red Steel.png
Saturday Become Worthy of Treasure The Vaults 40 Non-Dark White Steel.png Yellow Steel.png Red Steel.png Purple Steel.png Blue Steel.png
Defend the Drill The Dig 40 Non-Dark White Steel.png Yellow Steel.png Red Steel.png Purple Steel.png Blue Steel.png
Sunday SN-Z SNZ.png Iron Lair 20 Dark Dark Steel.png
Godleader Meowza Meowza.png The Great Leader's Command Center 20 Dark Dark Steel.png
  • Saturday Bounties award Steel randomly in amounts of 10 each.
  • Bosses defeated in the Boss Arena also count as completing the Bounty.