Mud Collection

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Mud Collection is a set of Rare Plane Variants.

Image Name Class Description
Mudslide Assault Hard to say if this plane has never been washed or if it's just painted to look that way.
Naturopath Medic Healers once relied on folk remedies to treat patients. Modern medicine has proven much more effective, but something warm and comforting was lost in the transition.
Forest Faithful Old Faithful In the forested hunting grounds, our Rebels encountered a band of scoundrels who would camouflage their craft during the day and then harass the Nobility at night. We pay them a small retainer and they occasionally will act as our allies.
Mud Sow Hog Never wrestle with The Mud Sow. You'll both get filthy, but the sow will enjoy it.
Urban Sylph Shieldmaiden The war, the deaths. She needed to escape. The music was too loud. They locked gazes and there was the briefest of nods.
Mud Pigeon Raptor Favored by bootleggers for running liquor and general hooning around the swamp. Flying through mud and insects in an open cockpit plane appeals to a very particular sort.
Dirt Devil Quad This grimy little beater was used for speed trials in the salt flats. That alkaline dust is near impossible to wash out. A little bit shakes off each time the engine turns over.
Militia Duster There's a strange cult of rural would-be-warriors who get together on weekends, drink corn liquor, puff up their chests and brag loudly about How-Things-Would-Go if there was an apocalypse. Strangely, the apocalypse is happening right now, yet these blowhards still manage to do nothing useful or constructive.
Mud Druid Paladin The careful application of poverty is an essential ingredient to any religious fervor.
FATAL ERROR Merlin Merge notes: Time-line synthesis failed. Causality breakdown on June 6th, 18XX88xxs....^esc^b MONKEY DOMINANCE ENDS NOW
Oil Monkey Engineer Some birds scoff at hydraulics. Wise coggers know strange physics fractal outward at higher pressures. The dense fluids gain a mind of their own.
Moonlighter Bandit When the clouds slip from the full moon, a curious shimmer floats up above the tree line. The clouds return and you shift uneasily in your bedclothes. Perhaps it was nothing.
Mud Knight Dagger Knight He grew up poor. A mud covered boy in world of want, muck and misery. This is all he knows. To ask more of him is like asking mud to dream.
Camo Tank Siege Tank A forest glade filled with dappled light caught the scout's eye. How could such serenity exist within the maelstrom of war? The patterns of shadow shifted and the hidden tank's massive turret clicked into view. Oh, mused the scout as the hot shell sped his way, peace and beauty are but dreams.