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Control Type Hovercraft
Unlock Requirement Level 5 Quad
Starting Weapon Laser Knife
Primary Weapons Sword
Secondary Aura of Healing
Maneuver Hasty Retreat
Initial Stats (Base Stats)
Armor 8.2 (10)
Damage 104% (100%)
Armor Self-Repair 0.6/s
Steam Recharge 1.6/s (0.4/s)
Turn Rate 1440°/s
Max Speed 3.0
Super Speed 6.0
Plane Multipliers
x0.8 Armor
+2.4% Armor per Level
+4% Damage per Level
+300% Steam Recharge
x0.4 Turn Rate while superspeeding

More mecha than plane, the steam-hungry Paladin slices through swathes of enemies with a signature 50-foot plasma chainsaw.

The Paladin is a class in Steambirds Alliance.


The Paladin has one maneuver, Hasty Retreat, with a Steam cost of 10. On activation, the Paladin moves a set distance backward relative to the plane's facing, gaining an invulnerability shield for the maneuver's 0.13-second duration.

Hasty Retreat has a 1-second internal cooldown which is represented by a shading effect on the plane's Armor slot.

Upgrade Limits

The Paladin has the following non-elemental upgrade limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):

  • Damage: 40 (+40%)
  • Armor: 23 (+23)
  • Armor Self-Repair: 25 (+0.3/s)
  • Max Steam: 10 (+10)
  • Steam Recharge: 50 (+0.2/s)
  • Super Speed: 25 (+1.5)

Pilot Skills

Skill Tier Pilot Rank Option A Option B
1 5 Armor Shell
  • Armor: +18% + 4% (+34% at max)
  • Max Steam: +18% + 4% (+34% at max)
  • Steam Recharge: +0.1/s + 0.1/s (+0.5/s at max)
2 16 Ancient Depths

Effecticon armorboost.png On kill:

  • Armor: +60% + 10% (+100% at max)
  • Duration: 2s
  • Cooldown: 0.5s

Effecticon damageboost.png On maneuver end:

  • Damage: +30% + 5% (+40% at max)
  • Duration: 3s
  • Cooldown: 1s
3 68 Feeding Time

Effecticon healthboost.png On kill:

  • Armor Self-Repair: +60% + 10% (+100% at max)
  • Duration: 2s
  • Cooldown: 0.5s
Monster Heart
  • Secondary Steam Cost: -20%
4 113 Emergence
  • Damage: +30%
  • Superspeed: -15%

Effecticon speedgun.png On kill:

  • Weapon Cooldown: -95%
  • Duration: 1s
  • Cooldown: 2s


  • At level 1 with its T0 initial loadout, the Paladin will have Armor, Damage and Steam Recharge values of, respectively, ~8.2, 104% and 1.6/s due to the effects of plane and leveling multipliers.

Plane Variants

Note: due to many Paladin variant models overlapping with descriptions, certain parts have been assumed rather than recorded. Ambiguous portions are encased in brackets.

Tier 1 (Common) Variants

  • Pepper Chopper: Pepper never [talks] about her past. But she's got an [old] tattoo with a blurred name set in the dead center of a flaming heart.
  • Armored Suit MRKXII: An experimental set of powered armor funded by a [reclusive Lord]. The lab shut down after the noble family's mass murder suicide, due to public rumor the patriarch had been canoodling with a pied parakeet. Such times we live in.
  • Stars of St. Stevens: To the north lies a small town ignored by most. In a dirt basement, three children dug up a metal chest of glittering star-shaped ornaments. Upon touching the points to their heart, throat and foreheads, they could see time itself. Thus commenced the gentle winter murders.
  • Lord of Claw and Fang: In the evening, the flock performs a calming ritual. They keep a cage of mice in the corner, who've been told that this is their way into heaven.

Tier 2 (Rare) Variants

  • Lumberjack: The burly birds of the Northern forests use these rigs to haul logs. Fueled by flapjacks.
  • Bunyan: When the fire's gone and the whiskey's half gone, they whisper tales. Once there was a bird, as tall as a mountain. And his trusty blue fox.
  • Mud Druid: The careful application of poverty is an essential ingredient to any religious fervor.

Tier 3 (Epic) Variants

  • Ghost Paladin: There are [certain ones] who seeks out religion after [traversing a] rougher path. For such souls, [repentance] is, by necessity, an ongoing act.
  • Iron Gregory: They say Iron [Gregory] once sliced through 30 feline ships [with] a single swing of his plasma chainsaw. They say a lot of things about Iron Gregory.
  • Ice Paladin: Sometimes [warmth is found on] the inside.
  • Pretty John: The ever [yearning Lord] ordered his lone servant to polish [his shoes] to an impeccable shine. Tonight, he [goes] out. On the town.